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25 August 2020

Introducing our new fabric wall decals!

The latest in wall décor is now instore and we know you’re going to be inspired

Our new fabric wall decals are here and they are so beautiful … have you checked them out yet? Fabric wall decals are one of the latest and increasingly popular ways to create an interiors space that you’ll be so excited to share on your Instagram! We know that you’ll have so much fun creating a magical kids interior space using our new fabric wall decals for inspiration.

First up, a bit of info about our new fabric wall decals because we know that you’ll need the low-down so you can start to plan your own interior decorating project! They are made high quality adhesive polyester fabric and they can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out) and then removed and reused many times over leaving no adhesive residue. Which means that you can create an amazing interior wall space even if you’re renting or you need to make your decorating less permanent!

Our fabric wall decal range has launched with five designs: summer watermelons, planes, rainbows, ballerinas, and dinosaurs.

What space would you create? We’re thinking a reading corner is the ideal stay at home space where kids can escape to dream and explore the world beyond the front gate in a stay at home kind of way!

Every reading corner needs: a place to sit and dream, a place to store toys to join your little one on their literary journeys, and of course a bookshelf for hours upon hours of bookish pleasure!

For our rainbows reading corner we found these awesome Belle & Co. storage case sets available from Hip Kids! They come in pink or white and are perfect for storage blankets, out of season clothing, or toys. And … they are such a great size that they make great side or bedside tables too!



13 July 2020

Creating a work from home space that you’ll love!

Unique and crazy times have given us opportunities to create something unique and special

Twelve months ago, who among us could have imagined that a home office would be one of the biggest wishes on just about everyone’s interior dreams list … and the one that was moved straight to the top of that list as a necessity quicker than you could blink. Working from home is the new way to work, and for many people across the world it’s the way they’ll continue to work for the foreseeable future (and beyond). Working from home is not just a pipe dream it’s the new normal, and a home office set up is as essential as a kitchen or bathroom in the interior design layout of your home.

This month we’re looking at creating a space that you love to work in! When we go out to work in an office that has either been designed with functionality in mind, or thrown together with a hotch-potch of random desks and fittings, we get no say in the surroundings we find ourselves in day in and day out. Often we’ll bring a plant for the desk or a photo of pets or family, but that’s as far as we’re able to go in truly personalising our working environment.

So, thank you Covid-19 for giving us the opportunity to create a work space that we can feel at home in and surround ourselves with décor pieces to really get us in the mood to get down and get the job done. Studies have shown that when our minds are at ease with their surroundings our focus and outputs improve.

Companies are pivoting in the wake of the disruptions to business and manufacturing too. There are some incredible new products that have exploded onto the market with products we all need, and in doing so they’re ensuring they make it through to the other side of this worldwide crisis too.

One company that has pivoted is Market Stall Co.. With the shutdown and cancellations of events, markets, festivals, and conferences Market Stall Co. overnight found themselves without a market for their product! They pivoted and are now creating a stunning range of desks in custom finished pine, plywood, melamine film coated plywood and tasmanian oak. What’s really clever about Market Stall Co.’s range of office furniture is that it arrives flatpacked to your door, and you can disassemble and flatpack it away again and again. You’re buying office furniture that takes up minimal space when you’re not needing to work from home … we love that! It’s so affordably priced too which we also love!



13 July 2020

Warming up inside this winter

Winter decorating ideas that will create a space you’ll want to hibernate in!

We’re well into winter now and we’ve got another three months of cold before we’re properly into spring again and our bones and homes will start to warm up again! This month we’re looking at ways to bring warmth into your homes and livening spaces while it’s so cold outside. Our minds need to see warmth to feel warmth!

You know how much we love to create fun walls using wall decals which is a great base for any decorating whether it’s the family room, your entry hall, bathrooms, kitchen, or the kids bedroom. We have a wall decal in our range for every single room of your house … and if you can’t find the perfect wall decal for your home on our website, we can absolutely create a custom wall decal just for you!

Looking beyond (or in front of!) the wall décor we’ve found some great décor pieces that will warm the cockles of your heart right through this winter. To create a warming and inviting space you need there are five main elements that you need to work with: colour, texture, layers, lighting, and greenery.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you and have found some beautiful pieces that will warm your space in no time! Let’s take a look:

Throw rugs! Where is in inappropriate to not wrap yourself in a throw rug? We can only think of two places – the bath/shower and while you’re cooking – and both are pretty self-explanatory! Otherwise it’s throw rug-a-go-go! One of our favourites this winter is the Mohair Lilly Throw from Australian mill St Albans. Look at the colours, and it’s the perfect size too for wrapping and snuggling!

Bringing textures into your home can be done in so many different ways: a new vase or planter pot, cushions, artworks, or new crockery! We’re in love with the range of handmade ceramics from Winterwares – beautiful pieces that are each made by hand, so no two pieces are the same. They are a stunning addition to your winter table (or summer!).

Layer up! Add extra throws and cushions to beds, chairs, the sofa … anywhere that you can create a cosy space to read, work, or study. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll achieve! Australian icons Bonnie and Neil have the most divine range of cushions (all designed right here in Australia) and this gorgeous 60cm(!) Dogwood on Velvet cushion has us ready for an afternoon on the couch with a cuppa and a book! Team the Dogwood cushion with a Kip & Co.’s Garden Green Velvet Beanbag Cover and Peony Pink Velvet Pea Cushion and you’ve layered yourself up something pretty indeed!

Winter light is So different to our other seasons … it gets dark earlier and light later, and even on a sunny winter day the light is less than a sunny spring or summer day. We need the light, but we need to bring gentle and warm lighting into our homes. Changing over your light bulbs is one way to bring more warmth to the lighting you already have in your home. Adding in extra table and floor lamps is another clever trick that works well whatever the season. Papaya have beautiful lighting pieces in timbers, metals, and ceramics. We are absolutely crushing on the Dianna table lamp which is crafted from fine white porcelain – the irregular pin dot patter creates such a delicate pattern when lit that is calm and warm, so inviting!

Finally, bring some greenery in! Outside may be drab and lifeless as far as our trees and garden beds go, but inside we can bring to life! Indoor plants (of the real, living variety!) are good for our health! Indoor plants are necessary to give us clean air, and they release positivity in our home. Get yourself along to your local garden centre and buy a couple of indoor plants to brighten up your home. They will make a difference, promise! You’ll need to put your plant into a pot too of course (just another excuse to dress your home for winter!) and we think you’ll love the Maro Timber Planter from April & Oak (available in three sizes)! Perfect for all seasons this planter will look great in just abut any room of your home.

So, there you have it, winter decorating for every home. We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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04 June 2020

How organised is your home?

Our chalkboards decals and labels take home organisation to a whole new level!

What do a penguin, a cat, and Mickey Mouse have in common? They are all new designs in our chalkboard range! Our chalkboard range now has 23 different and fun shapes for you to choose from … there is something to suit every home and every room of every home.

As life ramps up again and we’re starting to get busier we need to write things down (or just because you need to remind your kids about things) and a chalkboard is the perfect place to write your notes to each other and reminders because you can see it easily, they become part of your wall décor, and when the job’s done you just wipe it clean and start again.

With so many different kids chalkboard shapes to choose from in the Vinyl Designs chalkboard range it would be fun to let your kids pick out their own favourite and create a chalkboard wall in your home. They’d have no excuses for forgetting stuff if they’ve written it on their own chalkboard, would they?!

To stick with the chalkboard theme you might want to also check out our chalkboard labels: Small chalkboard labels that are the perfect size for drinking glasses or smaller jars or storage containers. Or, our larger chalkboard labels are perfect for labelling pantry items, storage tubs, or pretty much anything else you can think of that needs labelling! Both our small and large chalkboard labels are available in your choice of six shapes. Organising doesn’t need to be boring!

People are often curious: what’s the difference between chalkboards and chalk paint? Chalkboard paint and chalk paint are two very different mediums – chalk paint is a paint that has a chalk-type additive which give it a lovely finish for furniture and a multitude of other surfaces. Chalkboard paint differs from other paints in that it dries to an ultra-matte finish which you can write or draw on with chalk and erase to a clean slate.

Vinyl Designs’ chalkboards are created using a special chalkboard type material that is similar to chalkboard paint which is easy to write on with chalk and erases clean. You can use traditional chalk or chalkboard markers, both of which will clean off with a damp cloth.

Our chalkboards are removable with no residue left on removal, and they reusable so you can write as many notes as you like! Oh, and we also send you some chalk with our order so you can get started straight away.

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and ideas on how to dress up your world with Vinyl Designs!



02 March 2020

Australian designed and made that’s far from kitsch!

Creating a space in your home that’s uniquely Australian

Decorating with good ol’ Aussie pieces seems to go through periods of being ‘in’ and being ‘daggy’. Right now with the amazing movements such as #buyfromthebush supporting small Aussie businesses that are located in areas of the country suffering from the drought we’ve seen a huge resurgence of Aussie themed décor items that are definitely not daggy!

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll already know about the Vinyl Living and Vinyl Design Aussie themed ranges, that are all designed and printed right here in Australia …

Our Australian map chalkboard is perfect for jotting down a shopping list, reminders, or even marking off holiday destinations.

In our Vinyl Living range you’ll find our ever-popular 100% linen (fantastic for drying glassware!) teatowels featuring the quintessential koala or kangaroo. We’ve designed a range of zippered pouches that are perfect for makeup, stationery, or as a casual yet chic purse(!) and with designs like koala, cockatoo, wombat, echidna, platypus, kangaroo, or even the Sydney Opera House in a range of colour prints we’ve got just about everything covered!

Looking further afield we’ve found some amazing Australian décor pieces that we’re pretty sure will be on your wish list as soon as you see them (they’re on ours!):

Twisted Willow have a stunning Terrazzo Planter that would look equally amazing in either kitchen or verandah/outdoor area. Paired with the hanging Terrazzo Planter it would be a great talking point, and you’d be supporting a drought-affected business too!

Described by the Duchess of Sussex as “beautiful ceramics” during her visit to Dubbo last year, we’re sure that you’ll agree. Gemma Ruth Ceramics are handmade and each piece individual. All pieces are dishwasher and oven proof, although hand washing recommended for any lustre and general longevity.

Erstwhile have lots of super cool vintage style wall-hangings, seriously you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one! But one that caught our eye and is along the Australian-décor theme is their Vintage School Map of Australia. It’s huge too ... just like the ones we had hanging in our classrooms when we were growing up.

We’re creating an amazing space with our Australian design choices and we think you’ll love Franco Crea’s bespoke furniture pieces for their simplicity, timeless design and minimalist aesthetic. One of our favourites from the range is the Mila chair: featuring hand-stitched quilting, a floating back-rest and webbed-seat for the ultimate comfort, it’s absolutely stunning! 

Australian design doesn’t need to be kitsch and souvenir-ish, it’s all about choosing your pieces wisely for style and functionality … and of course making sure that you’re supporting Australian-made at the same time.

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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05 December 2019

Left your Christmas shopping until the last minute?

We’ve rounded up some truly lovely gift ideas that you can still order for pre-Christmas delivery and look like you planned months ahead!

How does it happen … we pack away the Christmas decorations, get back to work and school, get through winter and then all of a sudden it’s DECEMBER again and we haven’t finished the shopping?! Life is crazy hectic busy at the best of times for most of us so you can be quickly forgiven for being a little unorganised in the present buying department. And if you are one of those organised rarities … hats off to you!

All of the finds we’ve gathered for you can be delivered pre-Christmas – don’t leave your ordering too late though because at this time of year dates can always change! We’re so happy to be supporting other small Aussie businesses just like us this Christmas!

Scarf from original artwork by Trudy Lowndes

This Lime Green and Purple Scarf is lovely! It’s a massive 140cm x 140cm which makes it so versatile … sarong, headscarf, evening wrap? Trudy has lots of other pieces created from her original artworks on her website, so much choice! (order by 15 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery)


Hand-poured candles by Two Foxes

A beautiful candle is always a welcome gift! We’re sure you’ll be hard-pressed to choose a scent, but choose you must! Hand-poured candles from Two Foxes in Mudgee! (order by 13 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery)


Something unique from Indie Art & Design?

Indie Art & Design stock such an amazing array of beautiful and unique products from independent artists and designers in their online store. There’s lots of choice in the Denim and Blonde collection, what’s your favourite? (order by 13 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery – they also offer free local delivery to some Sydney suburbs)



28 August 2019

Spring is just about here, and we’ve rounded up our favourites in early spring decor!

It’s time to brighten up your home!



This winter has been particularly cold across most of Australia and we bet that you’re just as ready as we are to say …. “Hello Spring!”.

Over winter our homes become our haven of warmth and protection from the dampness and chill that is waiting for us beyond our front doors. As we look to the end of winter and the beginning of the blossoming of spring we’re also eager to bring that brighter decorating inside our homes.

Here at Vinyl Design and Vinyl Living we’ve been following the trends for the upcoming season and picked some of our favourites that we saw at Decor+Design last month in Melbourne.

Design Influences

Our wider world is changing and has been in a state of change and upheaval ... this will reflect in our interiors trends. We’re going to be seeing a lot of experimental styles and designs, bright and bold colours, innovative materials, adaptable products, and dynamic patterns. We’ll be seeing vintage, handmade and bespoke ahead of the mass-produced pieces of recent times.

It’s about being authentic to you and styling your home in a way that brings happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and harmoniousness. Are you ready for this exciting new trend?!


The trend in colour is toward the colours of nature that instil a sense of calmness and tranquillity - colours that have their own richness and self-assuredness. We’re expecting to see the colours of nature in its gentleness: misty morning hues, stonewashed blues, dusky shades of rose, and pale fruity apricot tints. Mixing beautifully with the fresh crispness of mint, melon, and the warmth of rich cocoa.

These colours are beautiful and it’s certainly a trend that we’ll be embracing!

Our favourite finds

So, what have we found that embodies the sense of wellbeing and happiness that are foremost in the late trends for 2019 and early 2020?

For the budget conscious decorator, Target have a new handcrafted range. We’re particularly loving their new Round Cotton Jute Rug with Tassels and the faux leather Kali Ottoman which are both perfect for most rooms to add a touch of texture and warmth. While the Marble Jewellery Box or Gold Shell Trinket Dish will add a touch of natural glamour to bathroom or bedroom.

Always a favourite is Pottery Barn (and if you sign up to their newsletters, they have fantastic sales!) and this season is no exception! The new Living Edge Wood Hurricanes are stunning – made from hand blown glass and wood, each one is unique in texture, shading, and size. Also new this season is the Basilia Print Cushion Cover: made from lovely soft printed velvet this fabric is also manufactured using eco-friendly methods which do not generate any water, air or noise pollution.

For Aussie made and designed style that is all designed and manufactured in Melbourne you can’t not think of Bonnie and Neil – Aussie designers gone global! Their new range is stunning! We were hard-pressed to choose just one, so we settled on two: the Marguerite Amber Large Vase is hand painted by Bonnie onto glazed terracotta and the Marguerite Amber 60cm Velvet Cushion with a design by Bonnie hand-screened individually onto each cushion - each one definitely a one-of-a-kind pieces!

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.

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26 July 2019

Pretty, brights, luxe … girly, wall decal ideas for girl’s rooms that you’ll love!

We’ve got the prettiest, cutest wall decals for your little girl’s rooms.


This month we’re thinking about pretty things … and creating a pretty, girly space where dreams of bunnies, hearts and dandelions are made!

Here at Vinyl Design we love to design wall decals that suit all ages, tastes, and styles. But, it’s soooo much fun designing for the little people in our lives, girl’s rooms especially. Whether it’s a playroom or a bedroom little girls love having a space that’s decorated and styled just for them.

So, with your little girl in mind let’s look at how the clever use of wall decals can be the vital piece of creating a beautiful backdrop for her very own space! With so many gorgeous colours to choose from we imagine it’ll be a lot of fun making the big design and styling decisions together too!

Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

We love the idea of hot air balloons and the whimsical, dreamy feeling they evoke … floating in the clouds over far away places, way above the world. Who isn’t dreaming of up, up and away?!

Cute and Cuddly Animals and Critters

What little girl doesn’t love a snuggly bunny, or is fascinated by ladybirds?!

We’ve got quite the collection of bunnies and critters for you and your little girl to choose from … we know it will be difficult to choose though! In our collection you’ll find a flutter of butterflies, the sweetest trail of red ladybirds(!), or a pair of chubby fluffy bunnies!

Show the Love

Hearts are the universal symbol of love and we’ve got a set of 30 heart wall decals in our collection that you could easily combine with other decals or use on their own … imagine a mass of hearts across the wall, or maybe mix it up with our butterflies decals for a really sweet pretty effect!

Dandelion Wishes

Our Dandelion wall decal is one of our most popular in the nature series … soft, delicate, and so, so pretty! The seeds can be spread as far across your wall as you like, or they could spill close if you’re short on space.

So … have we given you some inspiration in creating a special space for your little girl? We do hope so!

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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24 June 2019

Get ready to cosy up for Winter!

Now’s the time to make sure you’ve got your winter warming décor at the ready.

Late autumn is the time to get our homes ready for winter! How often do you find that the sunny days of autumn all of a sudden (seemingly overnight!) become chilly, chilly winter days when hibernation feels a real option?!

We’ve done the rounds and have picked our favourites of the new season décor items for your homes to keep you and your family warm this winter.


Warm underfoot as well as soft and inviting to lie on to watch tv or a movie, rugs do the hard work in our homes. High pile textures are comfortable on your feet on even the chilliest of days!

Miss Amara are fast becoming Australia’s favourite online go to for rug shopping. It’s easy to see why! Such a great selection to suit every décor and piles and material to suit every lifestyle!

Miss Amara also offer free shipping … and a free return if it’s not as perfect for your room as you thought it would be! To help you make your decision before you purchase Miss Amara have a great app that allows you to see any of their rugs in your room … you simply upload a photo of your room and the app does the rest!

Sheets, bed linen, and throws

Flannelette sheets have lost their ‘shades nanna’s house’ and are now available in so many designs and colour-ways that you’ll wish they were practical for all year ‘round! Cotton Box have 47 (yes, 47!) designs and colours to choose from … you’re sure to find the perfect match for your winter bedroom.

No winter lounge or family room is complete without a stack of soft, fluffy throws for the family to snuggle into to watch tv or a movie. Some of our favourite throws are found at Adairs … and the St Albans Champagne Mohair Throw tops our list!

Entryway décor

A space to catch the drips from your umbrella, hang your coats, and keep the mud from your boots off the floors in an essential in any home at this time of year.

The Kubu Hamper (available in two sizes) from Provincial Home Living is perfect for storing throws and blankets beside the couch, or for storing the multitude of shoes and boots we accumulate near our front doors in the cooler months.

If you are looking for a statement piece for your entryway you can’t go past the Monokel Umbrella Stand by Klong available through Royal Design. Made from brass and stainless steel this umbrella stand is sure to add a classy touch to even the plainest of entryways. And, psst … they’re on sale at the moment!

Our own Vinyl Design coat hanger wall decals are a great way to decorate your entryway wall décor this winter! We’ve four designs in a huge range of colours for you to choose from … and we even include the hooks! Because all of our wall decals are removable and won’t mark your walls they’re a fantastic option for renters, or for people who love to change up their décor to suit the season!

Wooden bowls

There aren’t many materials that are as visually warming as timber. Satara have a range of absolutely beautiful wooden bowls – bowls, platters, vessels … stunning and sooooo warming!

New artwork

For your walls is a great way to warm up your home environ. Curious Grace always have a beautiful selection of wall art (whatever time of the year). Our eye was especially caught by this print ‘Splenda’ by Australian artist Scott Petrie – such lovely colours that create a warm, soft feeling for winter, yet in the warmer months could just as easily give a fresh, summer vibe. If you sign up to the Curious Grace newsletter they have a very nice welcome gift too!

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.

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12 April 2019

Do you decorate your home for Easter?

Our top picks for Easter decorating!

Decorating our homes for Easter is a pretty new ‘thing’ here in Australia, but it’s definitely a styling period that we are in love with!

There are SO many stores and small businesses (including us!) with amazing Easter decorations and tableware … we’ve been browsing and have collated some of our favourites:


All of Oxfam’s profits go to helping communities worldwide and the products that Oxfam sell are ethically sourced and produced as well. We particularly love the Painted Wooden Eggs in Oxfam’s Easter collection – each design has a story behind it. These would make such a lovely gift for all ages, but especially for children they would learn about other cultures and families at the same time!

Vinyl Design :)
We have lots of Bunny themed wall decals, from a Set of 21 mini bunnies to a Chalkboard Bunny to put on your wall or your fridge and a super cute Bunny wall sticker for power outlets

Pottery Barn
Ok, hands up who else has an ongoing crush on Pottery Barn! Pottery Barn have everything you need to set a beautiful table for Easter lunch. We reckon their Easter tableware is so beautiful that it would be such a shame to only use it once a year! At the moment you can save a beautiful 20% off all of the Pottery Barn Easter range and if you sign up to their newsletter you might be lucky enough to save a little bit more before Easter too!

Nordic Fusion
Do you prefer to give a gift at Easter instead of chocolate? Nordic Fusion has the most beautiful range of bunny dolls that can be dressed up or cuddled just as they are. They make the most adorable gifts, and not just for Easter!

Bed Bath ‘N’ Table
One of our favourite stores for bedding and napery is Bed Bath ‘N’ Table, and oh my gosh … they have over 300 pieces in their Easter range! You’ll be absolutely certain to find at least 5 pieces here that you must have! And even better than just finding beautiful decorating items at great prices, if you’re quick you’ll catch save an extra 25%!

The Cheeky Project Perth

If you’ve got people with allergies or other dietary preferences it can be really hard to find Easter Eggs for them! We’ve discovered The Cheeky Project Perth makes the most delicious chocolate including those really hard to find Easter Eggs! Even their images and descriptions will have your mouth watering!


Have you been inspired to decorate your home for Easter?

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.

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