13 July 2020

Creating a work from home space that you’ll love!

Unique and crazy times have given us opportunities to create something unique and special

Twelve months ago, who among us could have imagined that a home office would be one of the biggest wishes on just about everyone’s interior dreams list … and the one that was moved straight to the top of that list as a necessity quicker than you could blink. Working from home is the new way to work, and for many people across the world it’s the way they’ll continue to work for the foreseeable future (and beyond). Working from home is not just a pipe dream it’s the new normal, and a home office set up is as essential as a kitchen or bathroom in the interior design layout of your home.

This month we’re looking at creating a space that you love to work in! When we go out to work in an office that has either been designed with functionality in mind, or thrown together with a hotch-potch of random desks and fittings, we get no say in the surroundings we find ourselves in day in and day out. Often we’ll bring a plant for the desk or a photo of pets or family, but that’s as far as we’re able to go in truly personalising our working environment.

So, thank you Covid-19 for giving us the opportunity to create a work space that we can feel at home in and surround ourselves with décor pieces to really get us in the mood to get down and get the job done. Studies have shown that when our minds are at ease with their surroundings our focus and outputs improve.

Companies are pivoting in the wake of the disruptions to business and manufacturing too. There are some incredible new products that have exploded onto the market with products we all need, and in doing so they’re ensuring they make it through to the other side of this worldwide crisis too.

One company that has pivoted is Market Stall Co.. With the shutdown and cancellations of events, markets, festivals, and conferences Market Stall Co. overnight found themselves without a market for their product! They pivoted and are now creating a stunning range of desks in custom finished pine, plywood, melamine film coated plywood and tasmanian oak. What’s really clever about Market Stall Co.’s range of office furniture is that it arrives flatpacked to your door, and you can disassemble and flatpack it away again and again. You’re buying office furniture that takes up minimal space when you’re not needing to work from home … we love that! It’s so affordably priced too which we also love!



How you style and decorate your workspace is just as important as what you work on. After all creating a space you can feel comfortable in is one of the best things about working from home (that and not having to get properly dressed!). We’ve done some research for you and have found a bunch of décor pieces that will make your home office the envy of that *other* office!

Made by Pen are award winning designers creating authentic, innovative and architecturally inspired products that will take your home office space to the next level! The Linea cup and dish caddy will look just amazing on your desk as it could in your bathroom! There’s a range of different colours and finishes to choose from too, so you’re going to find one that fits your décor perfectly.

You might have come across H&G Designs in magazines including Home Beautiful, Adore Magazine Inside Out, Real Living, Grand Designs Australia among others. One of our favourite pieces from H&G Design is the Black Grid Mood Board with Leather Straps – it’s the perfect solution to the important notes our desks accumulate, and a great spot to display photos of family and pets!

You’ll need a great chair too, of course! We are crushing on Fanuli Furniture’s new Dua Swivel Chair – functionality and style to any hone office! In a range of colour and upholstery options you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your new home office.

Closer to home we are sure you’ll find a wall decal in our range that is just perfect for your own home office set up. Just a couple of ideas from our ready made collection are the Make It Happen wall decal, or maybe you really need the coffee to get you through so the Insert Coffee To Begin will be a starter for you.

If you think your home office could do with a more personalised wall decal remember that we love making custom decals - if you’ve got a quote in mind that will turn your home office blank wall into your home office wall into a wall of inspiration and creative activation get in touch with us!

Working from Home is something to be embraced and having the opportunity to create your dream home office space is a whole lotta fun!

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