26 July 2019

Pretty, brights, luxe … girly, wall decal ideas for girl’s rooms that you’ll love!

We’ve got the prettiest, cutest wall decals for your little girl’s rooms.


This month we’re thinking about pretty things … and creating a pretty, girly space where dreams of bunnies, hearts and dandelions are made!

Here at Vinyl Design we love to design wall decals that suit all ages, tastes, and styles. But, it’s soooo much fun designing for the little people in our lives, girl’s rooms especially. Whether it’s a playroom or a bedroom little girls love having a space that’s decorated and styled just for them.

So, with your little girl in mind let’s look at how the clever use of wall decals can be the vital piece of creating a beautiful backdrop for her very own space! With so many gorgeous colours to choose from we imagine it’ll be a lot of fun making the big design and styling decisions together too!

Hot Air Balloon Wall Decals

We love the idea of hot air balloons and the whimsical, dreamy feeling they evoke … floating in the clouds over far away places, way above the world. Who isn’t dreaming of up, up and away?!

Cute and Cuddly Animals and Critters

What little girl doesn’t love a snuggly bunny, or is fascinated by ladybirds?!

We’ve got quite the collection of bunnies and critters for you and your little girl to choose from … we know it will be difficult to choose though! In our collection you’ll find a flutter of butterflies, the sweetest trail of red ladybirds(!), or a pair of chubby fluffy bunnies!

Show the Love

Hearts are the universal symbol of love and we’ve got a set of 30 heart wall decals in our collection that you could easily combine with other decals or use on their own … imagine a mass of hearts across the wall, or maybe mix it up with our butterflies decals for a really sweet pretty effect!

Dandelion Wishes

Our Dandelion wall decal is one of our most popular in the nature series … soft, delicate, and so, so pretty! The seeds can be spread as far across your wall as you like, or they could spill close if you’re short on space.

So … have we given you some inspiration in creating a special space for your little girl? We do hope so!

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