11 December 2020

Getting your home ready for the Australia summer entertaining season

Summer in Australia is the entertainment season

Outdoor Decorating Ideas for Summer

Once the hustle bustle and frivolity of the Christmas season is over here in Australia we move into ‘holiday mode’.  Think long summer days, barbeques, family visits, relaxing afternoons in the garden…

Take the time to prepare your outdoor areas for the entertaining and relaxation season (aka summer!).  Having a restful and enjoyable outdoor space doesn’t just make entertaining easier, it also gives us a much-needed energy boost and restoration to our senses.

So, right now you’re thinking “I need to know how to create a summer haven, I need one in my life!”!  Here are our six tips for creating a summer home entertaining area that you will not want to leave!

Lots of places to sit

You’ll need to make sure you’ve got adequate seating for your guests and keeping a store of folding chairs in the shed is a great idea for this. 

You also want to make sure you’ve got choices of outdoor seating for your family.  Table seating for dining (or working!), a couple of timber or iron benches through the garden for moments you just want to sit and contemplate, and comfortable outdoor chairs for reading or simply resting.

Quiet places for reading

It’s not all about entertaining during the summer, we also need time-out to relax, enjoy a ‘nanna-nap’, read that novel we got for Christmas, or to simply daydream.

Create a quiet corner in the garden with screening plants (planted or in pots), timber or metal privacy screens, or even a gazebo to give shelter as well as privacy.

Bring in some colour and décor

Bright outdoor cushions give an instant “voomph” to your plain outdoor furniture.  Make sure you choose outdoor fabrics as they’re treated to resist fading and moisture.

Rugs are a simple way to define a space, and outdoor rugs are no exception.  A rug under your outdoor table and chairs marks that area for eating, a different rug for your casual chairs and couches marks that area for relaxing and chatting. 

Crockery, jugs, and drinking glasses in bright, fun colours are a must to have on hand for summer entertaining.  If you’ve got a suitable undercover area why not pickup a dresser that can take pride of place on your deck to hold your new entertaining pieces!

Fun and funky plant pots add a touch of whimsy and personality!  Look for different sizes and shapes – mix your new pots with plainer pots for extra impact.

Painting your fence, verandah posts, or furniture is an instant freshen up for your outdoor and garden.  It also adds value to your property!

Bring your garden to life

Longer sunny days mean more time to spend in the garden.  Weeding, pruning, and adding mulch makes any garden look fresh and alive.  After you’ve done a tidy up do a quick assessment of spaces that need to be filled and take a trip to the local garden centre to pickup a few new plantings.


One of the fun things about summer entertaining being able to comfortably spend long evenings outside enjoying great company and creating memories.  But good lighting is important!  A floodlight might be essential for security and safety in some areas, but softer lighting creates ambience and a party atmosphere.

Fairy lights and string lights are perfect for lighting up the garden.  Fairy lights drapes through an ornamental tree or shrub can look stunning and dramatic.  String lights are available in all sorts of light style and shape – string them along a verandah or wall to define a space.

Fire pit

A summer night without a fire pit?  We think not!  A fire pit can be used for cooking on, toasting marshmallows, keeping warm on a cooler evening, or year ‘round to extend your outdoor entertaining area’s season!

Some of our faves for your outdoor entertaining

Hand-thrown Boulder Pot Large Teal Green Spots from Angus and Celeste

Lebello Club 6 chair from Design Nation

Outdoor cushions by Great Outdoor Cushions

Laguna Teak Outdoor Table from Outdoor Elegance

Delta Outdoor III Circle Sofa from King Living

Art Deco 110 Cast Iron Fire Pit by Fire Pits Direct


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25 November 2020

The trick to selecting the perfect gift

No-one is really ‘difficult to buy for’ if you take a little time to work it through!

The trick to selecting the perfect gift

No-one is really ‘difficult to buy for’ if you take a little time to work it through!

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or any other occasion that ‘requires’ a gift, there are always people on your list who are ‘difficult to buy for’. But are they really? We say not!

So, what’s the trick you may well be wondering! We’ve put together a list of ideas for unique gifts and tips for finding out what that difficult person would love to receive.

Make the gift itself an experience!

If you’re gifting a voucher or gift card wrap it in many boxes hiding a sweet treat, jokes, or funny tasks (like hop on one leg while drinking a glass of water) between random layers. Guaranteed by the time they get to the end everyone will be in fits of laughter! Or hide a smaller gift inside a stuffed toy … where ‘surgery’ is the only way to extract it!

When selecting a voucher or gift card … think small. Small businesses that is! Supporting a small business over a larger chain is a great way to share the Christmas love even further that the gift!

Literally give an experience!

You could choose a Red Balloon or CherryGift voucher where small businesses benefit, or you could be more select and gift a voucher to a special destination or activity. Fancy an afternoon with the alpacas at Quentin Park Alpaca Farm or maybe hang out with superheroes and sporting legends at Madame Tussauds?! A voucher or membership to a small local cinema also ticks just about every box.

If the venue you’re gifting an experience to doesn’t offer vouchers, ask if you can purchase undated tickets or create your own voucher with a note that you’ll purchase tickets online for the date they choose.

What are their interests?

Ok, so you may think you don’t know this person well enough to find something they’ll love, but take two minutes and make a list of everything that you do know about them … what colours do they wear, do they wear funky jewellery, where do they go on holiday, do they play or watch sport, have you seen them reading? If you’re still stuck … stalk them on the socials and see what you can find out about them!

After making a list you’ll likely find the gift ideas were right in front of you all the time.

Let them live in the past!

Have they recently lost a loved one (person or pet)? A portrait or special framed photo is a thoughtful gift. Let them relive their childhood … quirky 90s snacks and a Pokémon might be just what your 30s aged person will love! Or, for a person in their 70s or 80s rock n’ roll hits of the 50s could hit the mark!

Make them something!

Whether it’s a random piece of art, a knitted scarf, a potted plant, or a box of baked treats, if you’ve taken the time to make something special that speaks volumes! Put some thought into it though don’t just whack a pile of dried pasta on a paper plate and call it art!

Something for their home.

Whether it’s something small like a fun decal for their laptop or light switch, or a Theia table lamp by Mathias Hahn for Marset everyone appreciates something special that shows you put some thought into their gift. Do they cook? One of our kitchen themed wall decals could be top of their wish list but they didn’t even realise it! Do they love to read? Crashmat make fun beanbags that are designed for comfort! Have they just renovated or moved home? House name tiles by Little House in the Valley make a beautiful and thoughtful gift!

Be charitable in their name!

Think of something your person is passionate about, and then make a donation in their name. Are they a dog lover? Donate to an animal rescue. Are they passionate about children’s welfare, indigenous cultural survival, defeating poverty, social justice issues, heritage preservation … and the list goes on. If you don’t already have a charity in mind, The Good Cause Co. are an independent ‘for-purpose’ company that evaluate and list high quality Australian charities

We hope that you’ve found inspiration and ideas for the perfect gift for that person you thought was ‘difficult to buy for’. We’re sure that you’ve at least found one or two ideas for gifts for yourself as well!

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28 October 2020

It’s in the post!

Gifts that are post-friendly!


This year Australia Post have advised that posting your Christmas gifts (or posting anything) should be done earlier than usual and delivery times will take longer.  This means that if you’re posting gifts for Christmas birthdays, or a “just because…” gift you’ll need to get your skates on to not just purchase the gift, but to get it mailed.

So, what is a good gift to post and what is possibly best to leave off the gift list?

Cost-wise sending letter sized parcels will be more friendly on your wallet than a parcel and the Australia Post size regulations for letters is a ‘package’ that weighs less than 500g, has a rectangular shape, is not larger than a B4 envelope, and is no thicker than 20mm.  This gives you lots of options for posting small items including books, wall decals (we’ve got you covered with those!), jewellery, stationery gifts, or even chocolates or sweets.  Of course, you can send larger items as a parcel, which will cost you a bit more but with the new standardised parcel rates (up to 22kg within Australia, or up to 20kg for international post) you can easily choose lighter gives and send more of them for less than you would have been paying previously to post!

Wall decals (of course!) – our wall decals and wall stickers are a perfect gift idea for anyone!  You could choose from one of our ready-made wall decals, or we can work with you to create something personalised and unique.  We’ve got a great range of colours from metallics to pastels to brights so we’re certain you’ll find just the right colour to suit your design and décor!  Our wall decals are made from a super high-quality vinyl that will leave no sticky marks or residue and will stay put on just about any flat and smooth surface (like magic!).

We’ve also got our Vinyl Living range of homewares that are light to post – cushion covers, tea-towels, and canvas bags and pouches of all sizes.  We’re sure that you could find something for every person on our list in our Vinyl Design and Vinyl Living online shops!

Handmade leather goods are a popular choice for people of all ages.  Dear Dagger intertwine craftsmanship, colour and premium leather to produce timeless, versatile and gender-neutral products such as wallets, pouches, coin holders, keychains, laptop sleeves and more.

Francisca Rendic’s handcrafted jewellery is made from the heart and so it makes sense that gifting such beautiful pieces is a gift from the heart too.  Francisca creates meaningful jewellery; each piece embedded with strength and energy.

Koskela always have a beautiful array of gift ideas for everyone (so good it’s hard to give them away!).  One product in their range that struck us as a great ‘feel-good’ gift idea is the Life Cykel Bee Pollination Grow Kit.  Saving the world, bee by bee!

And now for something sweet… Loco Love Chocolates Holy Cacao Hot Chocolate looks amazing in it’s packaging and tastes DIVINE!  What a perfect gift and oh so sweet!

If you’re needing to shop in person and have a penchant for Aussie handmade, we’d love to see you at our Artisans’ Nest popup shop in Newtown!  Our store is open from 10am daily and we’ll be at our 216 King Street Newtown (NSW) store until the end of the year … you don’t need to gift shop!

So, there you have it, just a few gift ideas for posting to your loved ones this gift-giving season.  We know there are literally thousands of other ideas for lightweight gifts to post but we hope we’ve given you a few ideas to get your shopping started!

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29 September 2020

No, we’re not crazy but Christmas IS looming!

It’s absolutely not too soon to get your gifts and décor sorted for Christmas

Righty-o it is ‘only’ September and we’re talking Christmas … we can hear you; you think we’re crazy! But really, this year has been all sorts of crazy so we’re kinda just goin’ with the flow…!

One of our first September sales through our online shop was a Christmas Tree wall decal, so we do think we’ve got good reason to start thinking Christmas décor and gifts.

Christmas 2020 is going to come at us with a rush … after months of social distancing this Christmas is going to be like none we’ve experienced before so there is absolutely no time like right now to start getting ready! Let’s talk wall decals for decorating and gift giving with Christmas in mind … after all, wall decals, decorating and Christmas are a few of our most favourite things!

Planning wall-y (heehee) good Christmas décor

When most people think of Christmas decorating their mind immediately goes to untangling the Christmas lights or dragging out the boxes of kindy-made decorations that you’re obligated to hang for the next 50 or so years. Yes, those sweet Christmas traditions will linger and can wait until at least mid-November, but we’re touting the Christmas wall decal as the next best thing in ways to bring Christmas cheer to your home right now!

From fat Santas, to Christmas trees, to gold snowflakes we’ve got your walls (windows, mirrors, any smooth surface!) covered!

Our wall decals range includes so many different options for traditional Christmas décor, Aussie-inspired Christmas décor, or choose your own unique Christmas theme that’ll bring you and your family some much-needed 2020 holiday cheer!

Here are some of our favourite wall decals to create a Christmas-inspired home.

Christmas Tree wall decals: we’ve got six trees in our range, and of course your tree doesn’t need to be in a ‘traditional Christmas’ colour … we’ve got 28 great colours for you to choose from!

Our jolly Santa wall decal is as well rounded as you’d expect him to be! Picture Santa over your kitchen bench as you bake up a storm of Christmas treats!

Christmas Baubles wall decal or the Christmas Balls wall decal look great over your mantle or a shelf.

Snowflakes wall decal and Mini Snowflakes wall decals look great either on their own or mixed up together to create a snowflake dream.

The Christmas Wreath wall decal looks so festive on a window or front door.

Sometimes all you need is a little sparkle! Our Stars wall decal set comes with 40 stars in varying sizes and with so many colours to choose from they don’t need to be just part of your Christmas décor.

It might look like you’ve gone dotty but our Dots wall decals and Mini Dots wall decals do make a fun combo and a little different to the ‘traditional’ Christmas shapes!

We LOVE doing custom wall decals too! Does your family have a favourite Christmas quote, or maybe you’ve got a Christmas design of your own that you’d like to have made up as a wall decal? Get in touch with us and let’s see if we can make this happen for you!

Why decorate with Vinyl Design’s wall decals?

All of our wall decals are removable and don’t leave any sticky residue or mess which make them perfect for anyone who loves to switch up their décor, and also for renters who love to decorate.

Wall decals for gifting

All of our wall decals are perfect for sending overseas for gifts … they’re light-weight and pack down flat which is a plus for being one of the most postage-friendly options. We all know it’s a given that postage services around the world are moving much slower at the moment than usual and with that in mind getting organised with your overseas gifts early this year is a very good idea! We offer free shipping Australia-wide so getting your list together for décor AND gifts from across the Vinyl Design and Vinyl Living ranges means you can get everything sorted at once!

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25 August 2020

Introducing our new fabric wall decals!

The latest in wall décor is now instore and we know you’re going to be inspired

Our new fabric wall decals are here and they are so beautiful … have you checked them out yet? Fabric wall decals are one of the latest and increasingly popular ways to create an interiors space that you’ll be so excited to share on your Instagram! We know that you’ll have so much fun creating a magical kids interior space using our new fabric wall decals for inspiration.

First up, a bit of info about our new fabric wall decals because we know that you’ll need the low-down so you can start to plan your own interior decorating project! They are made high quality adhesive polyester fabric and they can be installed on virtually any flat surface (indoor and out) and then removed and reused many times over leaving no adhesive residue. Which means that you can create an amazing interior wall space even if you’re renting or you need to make your decorating less permanent!

Our fabric wall decal range has launched with five designs: summer watermelons, planes, rainbows, ballerinas, and dinosaurs.

What space would you create? We’re thinking a reading corner is the ideal stay at home space where kids can escape to dream and explore the world beyond the front gate in a stay at home kind of way!

Every reading corner needs: a place to sit and dream, a place to store toys to join your little one on their literary journeys, and of course a bookshelf for hours upon hours of bookish pleasure!

For our rainbows reading corner we found these awesome Belle & Co. storage case sets available from Hip Kids! They come in pink or white and are perfect for storage blankets, out of season clothing, or toys. And … they are such a great size that they make great side or bedside tables too!



13 July 2020

Creating a work from home space that you’ll love!

Unique and crazy times have given us opportunities to create something unique and special

Twelve months ago, who among us could have imagined that a home office would be one of the biggest wishes on just about everyone’s interior dreams list … and the one that was moved straight to the top of that list as a necessity quicker than you could blink. Working from home is the new way to work, and for many people across the world it’s the way they’ll continue to work for the foreseeable future (and beyond). Working from home is not just a pipe dream it’s the new normal, and a home office set up is as essential as a kitchen or bathroom in the interior design layout of your home.

This month we’re looking at creating a space that you love to work in! When we go out to work in an office that has either been designed with functionality in mind, or thrown together with a hotch-potch of random desks and fittings, we get no say in the surroundings we find ourselves in day in and day out. Often we’ll bring a plant for the desk or a photo of pets or family, but that’s as far as we’re able to go in truly personalising our working environment.

So, thank you Covid-19 for giving us the opportunity to create a work space that we can feel at home in and surround ourselves with décor pieces to really get us in the mood to get down and get the job done. Studies have shown that when our minds are at ease with their surroundings our focus and outputs improve.

Companies are pivoting in the wake of the disruptions to business and manufacturing too. There are some incredible new products that have exploded onto the market with products we all need, and in doing so they’re ensuring they make it through to the other side of this worldwide crisis too.

One company that has pivoted is Market Stall Co.. With the shutdown and cancellations of events, markets, festivals, and conferences Market Stall Co. overnight found themselves without a market for their product! They pivoted and are now creating a stunning range of desks in custom finished pine, plywood, melamine film coated plywood and tasmanian oak. What’s really clever about Market Stall Co.’s range of office furniture is that it arrives flatpacked to your door, and you can disassemble and flatpack it away again and again. You’re buying office furniture that takes up minimal space when you’re not needing to work from home … we love that! It’s so affordably priced too which we also love!



13 July 2020

Warming up inside this winter

Winter decorating ideas that will create a space you’ll want to hibernate in!

We’re well into winter now and we’ve got another three months of cold before we’re properly into spring again and our bones and homes will start to warm up again! This month we’re looking at ways to bring warmth into your homes and livening spaces while it’s so cold outside. Our minds need to see warmth to feel warmth!

You know how much we love to create fun walls using wall decals which is a great base for any decorating whether it’s the family room, your entry hall, bathrooms, kitchen, or the kids bedroom. We have a wall decal in our range for every single room of your house … and if you can’t find the perfect wall decal for your home on our website, we can absolutely create a custom wall decal just for you!

Looking beyond (or in front of!) the wall décor we’ve found some great décor pieces that will warm the cockles of your heart right through this winter. To create a warming and inviting space you need there are five main elements that you need to work with: colour, texture, layers, lighting, and greenery.

We’ve done some of the legwork for you and have found some beautiful pieces that will warm your space in no time! Let’s take a look:

Throw rugs! Where is in inappropriate to not wrap yourself in a throw rug? We can only think of two places – the bath/shower and while you’re cooking – and both are pretty self-explanatory! Otherwise it’s throw rug-a-go-go! One of our favourites this winter is the Mohair Lilly Throw from Australian mill St Albans. Look at the colours, and it’s the perfect size too for wrapping and snuggling!

Bringing textures into your home can be done in so many different ways: a new vase or planter pot, cushions, artworks, or new crockery! We’re in love with the range of handmade ceramics from Winterwares – beautiful pieces that are each made by hand, so no two pieces are the same. They are a stunning addition to your winter table (or summer!).

Layer up! Add extra throws and cushions to beds, chairs, the sofa … anywhere that you can create a cosy space to read, work, or study. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll achieve! Australian icons Bonnie and Neil have the most divine range of cushions (all designed right here in Australia) and this gorgeous 60cm(!) Dogwood on Velvet cushion has us ready for an afternoon on the couch with a cuppa and a book! Team the Dogwood cushion with a Kip & Co.’s Garden Green Velvet Beanbag Cover and Peony Pink Velvet Pea Cushion and you’ve layered yourself up something pretty indeed!

Winter light is So different to our other seasons … it gets dark earlier and light later, and even on a sunny winter day the light is less than a sunny spring or summer day. We need the light, but we need to bring gentle and warm lighting into our homes. Changing over your light bulbs is one way to bring more warmth to the lighting you already have in your home. Adding in extra table and floor lamps is another clever trick that works well whatever the season. Papaya have beautiful lighting pieces in timbers, metals, and ceramics. We are absolutely crushing on the Dianna table lamp which is crafted from fine white porcelain – the irregular pin dot patter creates such a delicate pattern when lit that is calm and warm, so inviting!

Finally, bring some greenery in! Outside may be drab and lifeless as far as our trees and garden beds go, but inside we can bring to life! Indoor plants (of the real, living variety!) are good for our health! Indoor plants are necessary to give us clean air, and they release positivity in our home. Get yourself along to your local garden centre and buy a couple of indoor plants to brighten up your home. They will make a difference, promise! You’ll need to put your plant into a pot too of course (just another excuse to dress your home for winter!) and we think you’ll love the Maro Timber Planter from April & Oak (available in three sizes)! Perfect for all seasons this planter will look great in just abut any room of your home.

So, there you have it, winter decorating for every home. We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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04 June 2020

How organised is your home?

Our chalkboards decals and labels take home organisation to a whole new level!

What do a penguin, a cat, and Mickey Mouse have in common? They are all new designs in our chalkboard range! Our chalkboard range now has 23 different and fun shapes for you to choose from … there is something to suit every home and every room of every home.

As life ramps up again and we’re starting to get busier we need to write things down (or just because you need to remind your kids about things) and a chalkboard is the perfect place to write your notes to each other and reminders because you can see it easily, they become part of your wall décor, and when the job’s done you just wipe it clean and start again.

With so many different kids chalkboard shapes to choose from in the Vinyl Designs chalkboard range it would be fun to let your kids pick out their own favourite and create a chalkboard wall in your home. They’d have no excuses for forgetting stuff if they’ve written it on their own chalkboard, would they?!

To stick with the chalkboard theme you might want to also check out our chalkboard labels: Small chalkboard labels that are the perfect size for drinking glasses or smaller jars or storage containers. Or, our larger chalkboard labels are perfect for labelling pantry items, storage tubs, or pretty much anything else you can think of that needs labelling! Both our small and large chalkboard labels are available in your choice of six shapes. Organising doesn’t need to be boring!

People are often curious: what’s the difference between chalkboards and chalk paint? Chalkboard paint and chalk paint are two very different mediums – chalk paint is a paint that has a chalk-type additive which give it a lovely finish for furniture and a multitude of other surfaces. Chalkboard paint differs from other paints in that it dries to an ultra-matte finish which you can write or draw on with chalk and erase to a clean slate.

Vinyl Designs’ chalkboards are created using a special chalkboard type material that is similar to chalkboard paint which is easy to write on with chalk and erases clean. You can use traditional chalk or chalkboard markers, both of which will clean off with a damp cloth.

Our chalkboards are removable with no residue left on removal, and they reusable so you can write as many notes as you like! Oh, and we also send you some chalk with our order so you can get started straight away.

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and ideas on how to dress up your world with Vinyl Designs!



02 March 2020

Australian designed and made that’s far from kitsch!

Creating a space in your home that’s uniquely Australian

Decorating with good ol’ Aussie pieces seems to go through periods of being ‘in’ and being ‘daggy’. Right now with the amazing movements such as #buyfromthebush supporting small Aussie businesses that are located in areas of the country suffering from the drought we’ve seen a huge resurgence of Aussie themed décor items that are definitely not daggy!

If you’ve been following for a while you’ll already know about the Vinyl Living and Vinyl Design Aussie themed ranges, that are all designed and printed right here in Australia …

Our Australian map chalkboard is perfect for jotting down a shopping list, reminders, or even marking off holiday destinations.

In our Vinyl Living range you’ll find our ever-popular 100% linen (fantastic for drying glassware!) teatowels featuring the quintessential koala or kangaroo. We’ve designed a range of zippered pouches that are perfect for makeup, stationery, or as a casual yet chic purse(!) and with designs like koala, cockatoo, wombat, echidna, platypus, kangaroo, or even the Sydney Opera House in a range of colour prints we’ve got just about everything covered!

Looking further afield we’ve found some amazing Australian décor pieces that we’re pretty sure will be on your wish list as soon as you see them (they’re on ours!):

Twisted Willow have a stunning Terrazzo Planter that would look equally amazing in either kitchen or verandah/outdoor area. Paired with the hanging Terrazzo Planter it would be a great talking point, and you’d be supporting a drought-affected business too!

Described by the Duchess of Sussex as “beautiful ceramics” during her visit to Dubbo last year, we’re sure that you’ll agree. Gemma Ruth Ceramics are handmade and each piece individual. All pieces are dishwasher and oven proof, although hand washing recommended for any lustre and general longevity.

Erstwhile have lots of super cool vintage style wall-hangings, seriously you’ll be hard pressed to choose just one! But one that caught our eye and is along the Australian-décor theme is their Vintage School Map of Australia. It’s huge too ... just like the ones we had hanging in our classrooms when we were growing up.

We’re creating an amazing space with our Australian design choices and we think you’ll love Franco Crea’s bespoke furniture pieces for their simplicity, timeless design and minimalist aesthetic. One of our favourites from the range is the Mila chair: featuring hand-stitched quilting, a floating back-rest and webbed-seat for the ultimate comfort, it’s absolutely stunning! 

Australian design doesn’t need to be kitsch and souvenir-ish, it’s all about choosing your pieces wisely for style and functionality … and of course making sure that you’re supporting Australian-made at the same time.

We’d love you to share how and where you’ve used your Vinyl Designs decals and any of our blog picks with us – share on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #vinyldesignaustralia or tag us @vinyldesign.


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05 December 2019

Left your Christmas shopping until the last minute?

We’ve rounded up some truly lovely gift ideas that you can still order for pre-Christmas delivery and look like you planned months ahead!

How does it happen … we pack away the Christmas decorations, get back to work and school, get through winter and then all of a sudden it’s DECEMBER again and we haven’t finished the shopping?! Life is crazy hectic busy at the best of times for most of us so you can be quickly forgiven for being a little unorganised in the present buying department. And if you are one of those organised rarities … hats off to you!

All of the finds we’ve gathered for you can be delivered pre-Christmas – don’t leave your ordering too late though because at this time of year dates can always change! We’re so happy to be supporting other small Aussie businesses just like us this Christmas!

Scarf from original artwork by Trudy Lowndes

This Lime Green and Purple Scarf is lovely! It’s a massive 140cm x 140cm which makes it so versatile … sarong, headscarf, evening wrap? Trudy has lots of other pieces created from her original artworks on her website, so much choice! (order by 15 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery)


Hand-poured candles by Two Foxes

A beautiful candle is always a welcome gift! We’re sure you’ll be hard-pressed to choose a scent, but choose you must! Hand-poured candles from Two Foxes in Mudgee! (order by 13 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery)


Something unique from Indie Art & Design?

Indie Art & Design stock such an amazing array of beautiful and unique products from independent artists and designers in their online store. There’s lots of choice in the Denim and Blonde collection, what’s your favourite? (order by 13 Dec for pre-Christmas delivery – they also offer free local delivery to some Sydney suburbs)



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