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30 July 2021

From toddlers to seniors, everyone loves our new colouring in placemats

Bring dinner-time to life with some whimsical fun!

Vinyl Designs Newsletter July 2021 - Colouring In Placemats

Followers on Instagram will no doubt have spied our new colouring in placemats in our feed and being shared by some of our lovely supporters using our tag – check out the fun unwrapping by @threes.a.tribe and the colouring skills of @ourpeachylife!

As you’ve probably guessed we LOVE these new colouring in placemats! They’ve been one of our most popular new items too which is wonderful.

OK, now we all know that kids love to colour and that adults are rapidly cottoning on to how relaxing it is … and how much fun too! But what many people don’t realise is just how good colouring is for people of all ages. Did you know that colouring has a therapeutic and calming effect as children focus on finishing their creations? The same goes for us grownups – colouring is an outlet that allows the processing of our emotions and takes our focus away from what’s stressing us or causing anxiety.

Seniors living with dementia also reap enormous benefits and positive outcomes from colouring; one of the most beneficial is a decrease in anxiety levels and general agitation. Providing a sense of accomplishment, and providing socialisation and self-expression are just a few of the wonderful ways that colouring helps people living with the disease that robs so much of their ‘self’.

Now that we’ve shared some of the amazing ways that colouring is great for people of every single age from toddlers right through to seniors, let’s look at how fantastic our colouring in placemats are!

We’ve added two designs to our online store (and of course you could buy them in person at our Artisans’ Nest store): Forest and Unicorn. Both have lots of whimsical images to colour scattered from corner to corner of the 40cm x 30cm mats. Colouring pens are included with your placemat so the fun can start right away.

Vinyl Designs Colouring In Placemats - Unicorn or Fores designs

Made from silicone, our colouring in placemats are tough to last for lots and lots of colouring in sessions – simply wipe them clean and start again!

Oh, and of course being a placemat they’re the ideal place setting for the dinner table or even an eat-out meal! Great for keeping everyone occupied before the meal is served. Cleaning up is easy too because the placemats wipe clean with water or gentle cleaning solutions, then the colouring fun can start all over again!

We’re sure you’ll agree a colouring in placemat will make a perfect gift for just about anyone. Being so lightweight postage will also be very inexpensive!

@OurPeachLife Vinyl Designs Colouring In Placemats

Colouring sparks the imagination and ignites creativity – colour and personality are added to otherwise boring, blank paper (or colouring mat!). Isn’t that something we can all do with more of?!

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26 May 2021

Think green: Indoor spaces using biophilic design principles

Weaving the beauty and benefits of air-purifying plants into our interiors

 Mowgli Sandy Stone Pots Vinyl Design blog

As humans we have an inherent need to remain connected to nature as an important aspect to our health (physical and mental) as well as our general wellbeing. We could rattle on until the cows come home about the health benefits of using indoor plants in our interior decorating and design, but using indoor plants and greenery isn’t just good for our lungs and mood it also makes our homes look good!

Using greenery and plants in our interiors is so important that there is a whole area of interior design dedicated to it! Have you heard of biophilic design? Biophilia means ‘love of nature’ and focuses on our innate attraction to nature. Biophilic design ties our inherent need to connect with nature in our modern built environments. 

This month we’re taking a look at how you can work some biophilic design principles into your home décor with some thoughtful homewares inclusions like amazing pots, indoor plants you can buy online, and of course how you can use some of our wall decals as the perfect backdrop!

Hand-painted pots

The pot you use for your indoor plants is just as important as the plant itself. Pots are the décor to the natural element of the plant!

Honey & Ivy have a gorgeous selection of pots they paint by hand from their home studio. The duo spend hours (sometimes days!) painting each pot!

If bright, colourful and inspired by 80s motifs is your thing, you’ll fall in love with Gabby Loves Art’s hand-painted pots! Artwork that balances the discordance between chaos and control.

Mowgli Studio have a great collection of handmade pots and planters, and they also sell We The Wild plant care products – we’ve got to keep our indoor plants healthy too! Pictured above are Mowgli's stunning Sandy Stone Pots.

We are loving Jones & Co.’s range of fun and eclectic pots and planters! There is something for just about everyone’s décor in their latest range!

Super fun and for a planter that’s different you really must check out Living Work of Heart’s range! Seriously fun planters! You’ll also find Living Work of Heart’s range in our Artisans’ Nest store.

Living Work of Heart Vinyl Design blog

Living Work of Heart book planter

Indoor plants online

Local nurseries and garden stores don’t always have a great range of potted indoor plants for us to choose from, but looking online we have SO many more choices!

Interior Jungle have a huge range of indoor plants, including pet friendly plants which are important if you have pets that might be tempted to nibble or sniff anything that looks interesting!

Offshoot offer a carefully curated and considered collection of indoor plants and botanical accessories to enhance your wellbeing and bring joy to your homes and interior spaces. Well worth a looksie!

Kokedama and crystal air plants make beautiful additions to your indoor plant collections. The Indoor Oasis has a stunning collection and we’re sure you’ll find it difficult to choose which you love most!

Indoor Oasis rose quartz crystal air plant Vinyl Design blog

The Indoor Oasis rose quartz crystal air plant

Adding a ‘greenery’ backdrop

Ok, we know we’re biased here, but our wall decals make a GREAT backdrop to your indoor plants! What you need to keep in mind when considering using Vinyl Designs wall decals in your home: they are removable (great for renters or those who find it difficult to commit), most of our wall decals are available in any of our 28 decorator colours, and if you can’t find something you love (we’ll be surprised!) in our readymade range we love to discuss custom made options too!

Our Tropical Leaves wall decal is one of our most popular wall decals for using as a backdrop to an indoor plant collection. The huge, lush leaves in green add greenery height and depth to your display, or you could choose a rich magenta or gold to add interest beyond the plants!

If you’re looking at something less tropical our Maple Branch wall decal looks very elegant with it’s leaving softly scattered across your wall. Very pretty!

New to our range is our Calla Lily Flower wall decal which looks absolutely amazing … imagine what a spectacular display this wall decal would make in magenta or lime green!

Maybe you’d rather add a quote as a backdrop to your indoor oasis?! Something ‘planty’ or a quote that is motivating or inspiring? We’ve got readymade quotes in our online store (or shop with us in person at Artisan’s’ Nest).

Vinyl Design wall decal monstera tropical leaves

Vinyl Design Monstera Tropical Leaf wall decal

By golly, we could go on forever about indoor plants and how biophilic design principles help us to weave the beauty and benefits of air-purifying plants into our interiors!

Whether you create an eye-catching vertical garden wall by hanging plants in planter boxes that create a green canopy effect overhead, low-maintenance moss panels, or a few simple potted plants placed strategically close to a source of natural light, they all excellent ways to add health benefits to our homes and living spaces!


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27 April 2021

Treat yourself and learn something new

Unleash your inner creativity and have un at the same time!

Artisans Nest Sydney May 2021 workshops

This month is all about YOU and letting your creative inner self learn something new, and have fun while you're at it! If there's one thing that we all learnt in 2020 it's that we're a little bit more crafty than we thought we were ... DIY crafts, handmade, and dreaming of makers studios! 

Our Artisans' Nest shop in Newtown now has a makers studio where each month we'll be welcoming some very talented craftisans and artisans to share their skills and craft.

Have you ever wondered about trrying your hand at watercolour painting, quilling, or brushlettering? Maybe crochet is something you watched your nanna do but you were never able to master? Jewellery making is always popular, and how awesome will it be to say "I made it!" when your friends compliment you on your fab new accessories?! 

Each weekend in May we've planned a different workshop in the studio at Artisan's Nest - make a commitment to give yourself a few hours each weekend in May (at least once!) to learn a new skill! All the materials you need for the May workshops are provided, so really all you need to do is book your seat and turn up. 

If you're looking for a really special gift for the mum in your life ... here it is! The PERFECT fun gift that you could do together and that's something that makes it an extra special gift! Which of our May workshops do you think your mum will enjoy most?!

We only have a limited number of places for each workshop so it is essential that you book in ASAP to secure your seat at the table.


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23 March 2021

It's all about the bunny, and not just for Easter!

So sweet that you’ll want to leave them out all year ‘round!

Bunny Easter Decor Ideas 2021 Vinyl Designs Vinyl Living

It's NO secret that we love bunnies, and Easter is a chance for us to bring our love for bunnies legitimately to the décor space! Easter is a time for family gatherings around the table in a setting that's generally more relaxed than Christmas, the Easter table speaks to those of us who long for pretty, delicate settings (and bunnies!).

Whatever your religious beliefs Easter is a time for relaxation and reflection. A few days off (for most of us) and the opportunity to catch up on time with family, friends, and spending time at home (or camping if that's your 'thing'). For many Australian families Easter 2021 will be extra special as last year much of the country were unable to visit loved ones because of Covid-19 restrictions. This year shall be different!

We've found some lovely bunny themed 'Easter' décor pieces that would look great as year 'round décor, not just for one weekend of the year!

Pottery Barn have released their own watercolour design range of Floral Bunny salad plates (set of 4) which we absolutely love! They will look just as lovely as wall art as they will on your Easter table! (psst they're also on sale right now!)

If your taste is for something less colourful, Bed Bath n' Table have the stunning Morgan & Finch Etched Bunny Dining range available in blue, pink or yellow. (also on sale right now!)

Dalisay by Daizy's pair of Bunny Rabbit Pot Plant Sitters are SUPER cute and would look as much at home on your planters in the garden as they would on your Easter dining table perched over a dish of chocolate eggs!

Provincial Home Living's Bunny Bookends are not just cute, they're practical too! Made from resin they're lightweight and a very stylish addition to your office, living room, or bedroom.

How pretty is this delicate Glass Bunny Dish from Gorgeous Gift Lines?! In the bathroom to hold trinkets or in the living keeping the chocolates safe, this bunny is begging to be yours!

Of course in our Vinyl Living and Vinyl Design ranges we've got bunnies, bunnies, and more bunnies - and if we may say so just quietly, they make fantastic chocolate-free Easter gifts!

Our Sleepy Bunny wall decal or Paper Storage Bag are absolutely perfect for a nursery, while our Fluffy Bunnies wall decal pair (available in any of our 28 decorator colours) is guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face!

In our homewares range if you're looking for a bunny in a top hat or a bunny with a flower crown ... we've got both in canvas tote bags or cushions!

We hope our bunny-love has inspired you to think beyond Easter décor this year and add a bunny rabbit or two to your home's style all year 'round!

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26 February 2021

Creating a fun kid’s room with wall decals

Easy to apply and simple to remove – and customisable!

Vinyl Designs wall decals for kids rooms

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, decorating your children’s bedrooms is always fun, but of course if you’re renting do generally have far fewer options. Kid’s tastes are so changeable – dinosaurs are the must have one day, then hot air balloons the next! – so permanent interior decorating is always a difficult decision for both homeowner and renter!

Less permanent solutions are the smartest way to go! We know we’re super biased here but we also know that our removable wall decals are the number one choice for many parents (and professional interior decorators and designers) as a practical decorating choice that will bring colour to a space, be educational or inspiring, and also tie all of the other décor elements together to create a room that your kids will love!

There are quite a few different ways you can use our wall decals and they will stick to just about any flat, smooth surface so think beyond walls to mirrors, windows, and doors. (if you want to test the adhesiveness of our vinyl on any ‘unusual’ surface let us know and we’ll send you a test piece)

Instead of going down the route of wallpaper which is a permanent finish, you can use our wall decals to create an amazing feature wall that your kids will love … and you could even get them to ‘help’ you create it which will give them a real sense of creative ownership over their new room too!

Our top tip for selecting the wall decals for your children’s room is to choose a design that will last a while so that your kids get a few year’s enjoyment from them. Mixing a fad design such as ballerinas or dinosaurs in with a classic always in fashion design such as stars or dots is a great way to get even more year’s life out of your wall decals – simply remove the fashion decal and replace with the next fad or add another classic design into the mix to achieve a whole new look.

Study and play areas especially for inquisitive and creative young minds can very easily be created using wall decals like our world map, chalkboards, or animal themed designs.

Inspirational quotes are always a popular wall décor idea for all ages! We have some great quotes in our readymade quotes range that can be ordered in any one of our 28 decorator colours.  If you can’t find a quote that is just right for your home, let us know - we LOVE working with our clients to create custom wall decals that are special and unique just for you!

You might be wondering just how ‘non-permanent’ our wall decals are? Well, they are non-permanent … we use vinyl of the highest quality for our wall decals (and the backing for our fabric wall decals) so there will be no sticky residue left behind when you remove them. How simple is that?!

Decorating kids’ rooms can be so much fun, but making sure the décor lasts the distance, and is as changeable as kid’s tastes are renowned for being, is pretty important to remember too. We’ve got you (and your walls!) covered!


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27 January 2021

Celebrating Australian interior design

Six Australian interior design accounts you’ll want to follow on Instagram

Australian Interior Designers to follow on Instagram 2021

As an Australian-owned brand creating our own range of homewares and decorator vinyl wall art it’s no surprise that we are huge fans and followers of Australian interior design in general.  There is so much great Aussie interior design talent in this great wide country of ours!

While there are SO many talented designers who we love to follow, this month we’ve picked just six from the talented bunch to share with you (because we know how much you love Australian interior design too!). We know you’ll want to follow them on Instagram (if you aren’t already!).

Greg Natale

Greg Natale is one of our most famous interior designers worldwide, which is quite an achievement considering the depth of talent we have here - he is a multi-award-winning designer and one of the most-sought after for projects both in Australia and abroad. Greg produces interiors that are highly sophisticated with incredible attention to detail combining of colour, texture, and pattern to create something that is absolutely memorable.

Follow Greg on Instagram @gregnatale

Greg Natale



A double-up win in the 2020 Australian Inerior Design Awards for YSG with top homours in both residential decoration and residential design categories. For interior design with a rebelliousness that challenges the senses yet is full of an energy that “celebrates whimsy and functionality” YSG interiors by Yasmine Saleh Ghoniem is a design studio that immediately comes to mind. The use of daring palettes, organic shapes, and the unexpected surprise of textural pairings creates spaces that leave an experience.

Follow YSG on Instagram

YSG Design


David Hicks Design

Melbourne interior designer David Hicks established his design studio in 2001 and has become one of Australia’s leading interior and building designers in the luxury sector. David favours strong, simple lines in his work to finish with a clean and contemporary aesthetic. His interiors always feel well-rounded and harmonious which instantly make us feel at home.

Follow David on Instagram @davidhicksdesign

David Hicks Design


Mim Design

Miriam Fanning, is the talented designer behind Melbourne’s Mim Design. The studio is well-known for their creative luxury finishes and attention to detail. Mim Design are passionate about the use of authentic materials such as natural stone, textural finishes, polished plaster, and timber in many of their projects.

Follow Mim Design on Instagram @mimdesignstudio

Mim Design


Jane Ledger Interiors

The design aesthetic of Jane Ledger of Jane Ledger Interiors is expressed in clean lines, high quality materials and craftsmanship and pared back styling. Jane loves working on modern, architecturally-designed homes, as well as homes that combine traditional character features with contemporary extensions - one of her favourite projects is designing interiors for beach houses, which we think is pretty awesome!

Follow Jane on Instagram @janeledgerinteriors

Jane Ledger Interiors


Interiors Addict

Our final pick of Australian interior design accounts to follow on Instagram isn’t a single interior designer, but rather it’s Australia’s largest interiors blog and is definitely one you should be following for the very latest on interior design news, and interviews with the personalities of the Australian design industry.

Follow Interiors Addict on Instagram @interiorsaddict

Jen Bishop Interiors Addict


We know, we’ve only shared SIX amazing Instagram accounts, and by golly, there are SO many other amazing Australian interior designer accounts that we follow on Instagram, and many that we haven’t discovered yet! Have you a favourite? Please let us know who you think we’d enjoy following too!


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