26 February 2021

Creating a fun kid’s room with wall decals

Easy to apply and simple to remove – and customisable!

Vinyl Designs wall decals for kids rooms

Whether you are a homeowner or a renter, decorating your children’s bedrooms is always fun, but of course if you’re renting do generally have far fewer options. Kid’s tastes are so changeable – dinosaurs are the must have one day, then hot air balloons the next! – so permanent interior decorating is always a difficult decision for both homeowner and renter!

Less permanent solutions are the smartest way to go! We know we’re super biased here but we also know that our removable wall decals are the number one choice for many parents (and professional interior decorators and designers) as a practical decorating choice that will bring colour to a space, be educational or inspiring, and also tie all of the other décor elements together to create a room that your kids will love!

There are quite a few different ways you can use our wall decals and they will stick to just about any flat, smooth surface so think beyond walls to mirrors, windows, and doors. (if you want to test the adhesiveness of our vinyl on any ‘unusual’ surface let us know and we’ll send you a test piece)

Instead of going down the route of wallpaper which is a permanent finish, you can use our wall decals to create an amazing feature wall that your kids will love … and you could even get them to ‘help’ you create it which will give them a real sense of creative ownership over their new room too!

Our top tip for selecting the wall decals for your children’s room is to choose a design that will last a while so that your kids get a few year’s enjoyment from them. Mixing a fad design such as ballerinas or dinosaurs in with a classic always in fashion design such as stars or dots is a great way to get even more year’s life out of your wall decals – simply remove the fashion decal and replace with the next fad or add another classic design into the mix to achieve a whole new look.

Study and play areas especially for inquisitive and creative young minds can very easily be created using wall decals like our world map, chalkboards, or animal themed designs.

Inspirational quotes are always a popular wall décor idea for all ages! We have some great quotes in our readymade quotes range that can be ordered in any one of our 28 decorator colours.  If you can’t find a quote that is just right for your home, let us know - we LOVE working with our clients to create custom wall decals that are special and unique just for you!

You might be wondering just how ‘non-permanent’ our wall decals are? Well, they are non-permanent … we use vinyl of the highest quality for our wall decals (and the backing for our fabric wall decals) so there will be no sticky residue left behind when you remove them. How simple is that?!

Decorating kids’ rooms can be so much fun, but making sure the décor lasts the distance, and is as changeable as kid’s tastes are renowned for being, is pretty important to remember too. We’ve got you (and your walls!) covered!


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