26 May 2021

Think green: Indoor spaces using biophilic design principles

Weaving the beauty and benefits of air-purifying plants into our interiors

 Mowgli Sandy Stone Pots Vinyl Design blog

As humans we have an inherent need to remain connected to nature as an important aspect to our health (physical and mental) as well as our general wellbeing. We could rattle on until the cows come home about the health benefits of using indoor plants in our interior decorating and design, but using indoor plants and greenery isn’t just good for our lungs and mood it also makes our homes look good!

Using greenery and plants in our interiors is so important that there is a whole area of interior design dedicated to it! Have you heard of biophilic design? Biophilia means ‘love of nature’ and focuses on our innate attraction to nature. Biophilic design ties our inherent need to connect with nature in our modern built environments. 

This month we’re taking a look at how you can work some biophilic design principles into your home décor with some thoughtful homewares inclusions like amazing pots, indoor plants you can buy online, and of course how you can use some of our wall decals as the perfect backdrop!

Hand-painted pots

The pot you use for your indoor plants is just as important as the plant itself. Pots are the décor to the natural element of the plant!

Honey & Ivy have a gorgeous selection of pots they paint by hand from their home studio. The duo spend hours (sometimes days!) painting each pot!

If bright, colourful and inspired by 80s motifs is your thing, you’ll fall in love with Gabby Loves Art’s hand-painted pots! Artwork that balances the discordance between chaos and control.

Mowgli Studio have a great collection of handmade pots and planters, and they also sell We The Wild plant care products – we’ve got to keep our indoor plants healthy too! Pictured above are Mowgli's stunning Sandy Stone Pots.

We are loving Jones & Co.’s range of fun and eclectic pots and planters! There is something for just about everyone’s décor in their latest range!

Super fun and for a planter that’s different you really must check out Living Work of Heart’s range! Seriously fun planters! You’ll also find Living Work of Heart’s range in our Artisans’ Nest store.

Living Work of Heart Vinyl Design blog

Living Work of Heart book planter

Indoor plants online

Local nurseries and garden stores don’t always have a great range of potted indoor plants for us to choose from, but looking online we have SO many more choices!

Interior Jungle have a huge range of indoor plants, including pet friendly plants which are important if you have pets that might be tempted to nibble or sniff anything that looks interesting!

Offshoot offer a carefully curated and considered collection of indoor plants and botanical accessories to enhance your wellbeing and bring joy to your homes and interior spaces. Well worth a looksie!

Kokedama and crystal air plants make beautiful additions to your indoor plant collections. The Indoor Oasis has a stunning collection and we’re sure you’ll find it difficult to choose which you love most!

Indoor Oasis rose quartz crystal air plant Vinyl Design blog

The Indoor Oasis rose quartz crystal air plant

Adding a ‘greenery’ backdrop

Ok, we know we’re biased here, but our wall decals make a GREAT backdrop to your indoor plants! What you need to keep in mind when considering using Vinyl Designs wall decals in your home: they are removable (great for renters or those who find it difficult to commit), most of our wall decals are available in any of our 28 decorator colours, and if you can’t find something you love (we’ll be surprised!) in our readymade range we love to discuss custom made options too!

Our Tropical Leaves wall decal is one of our most popular wall decals for using as a backdrop to an indoor plant collection. The huge, lush leaves in green add greenery height and depth to your display, or you could choose a rich magenta or gold to add interest beyond the plants!

If you’re looking at something less tropical our Maple Branch wall decal looks very elegant with it’s leaving softly scattered across your wall. Very pretty!

New to our range is our Calla Lily Flower wall decal which looks absolutely amazing … imagine what a spectacular display this wall decal would make in magenta or lime green!

Maybe you’d rather add a quote as a backdrop to your indoor oasis?! Something ‘planty’ or a quote that is motivating or inspiring? We’ve got readymade quotes in our online store (or shop with us in person at Artisan’s’ Nest).

Vinyl Design wall decal monstera tropical leaves

Vinyl Design Monstera Tropical Leaf wall decal

By golly, we could go on forever about indoor plants and how biophilic design principles help us to weave the beauty and benefits of air-purifying plants into our interiors!

Whether you create an eye-catching vertical garden wall by hanging plants in planter boxes that create a green canopy effect overhead, low-maintenance moss panels, or a few simple potted plants placed strategically close to a source of natural light, they all excellent ways to add health benefits to our homes and living spaces!


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