04 June 2020

How organised is your home?

Our chalkboards decals and labels take home organisation to a whole new level!

What do a penguin, a cat, and Mickey Mouse have in common? They are all new designs in our chalkboard range! Our chalkboard range now has 23 different and fun shapes for you to choose from … there is something to suit every home and every room of every home.

As life ramps up again and we’re starting to get busier we need to write things down (or just because you need to remind your kids about things) and a chalkboard is the perfect place to write your notes to each other and reminders because you can see it easily, they become part of your wall décor, and when the job’s done you just wipe it clean and start again.

With so many different kids chalkboard shapes to choose from in the Vinyl Designs chalkboard range it would be fun to let your kids pick out their own favourite and create a chalkboard wall in your home. They’d have no excuses for forgetting stuff if they’ve written it on their own chalkboard, would they?!

To stick with the chalkboard theme you might want to also check out our chalkboard labels: Small chalkboard labels that are the perfect size for drinking glasses or smaller jars or storage containers. Or, our larger chalkboard labels are perfect for labelling pantry items, storage tubs, or pretty much anything else you can think of that needs labelling! Both our small and large chalkboard labels are available in your choice of six shapes. Organising doesn’t need to be boring!

People are often curious: what’s the difference between chalkboards and chalk paint? Chalkboard paint and chalk paint are two very different mediums – chalk paint is a paint that has a chalk-type additive which give it a lovely finish for furniture and a multitude of other surfaces. Chalkboard paint differs from other paints in that it dries to an ultra-matte finish which you can write or draw on with chalk and erase to a clean slate.

Vinyl Designs’ chalkboards are created using a special chalkboard type material that is similar to chalkboard paint which is easy to write on with chalk and erases clean. You can use traditional chalk or chalkboard markers, both of which will clean off with a damp cloth.

Our chalkboards are removable with no residue left on removal, and they reusable so you can write as many notes as you like! Oh, and we also send you some chalk with our order so you can get started straight away.

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Follow us on Facebook or Instagram for more tips and ideas on how to dress up your world with Vinyl Designs!



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