28 August 2019

Spring is just about here, and we’ve rounded up our favourites in early spring decor!

It’s time to brighten up your home!



This winter has been particularly cold across most of Australia and we bet that you’re just as ready as we are to say …. “Hello Spring!”.

Over winter our homes become our haven of warmth and protection from the dampness and chill that is waiting for us beyond our front doors. As we look to the end of winter and the beginning of the blossoming of spring we’re also eager to bring that brighter decorating inside our homes.

Here at Vinyl Design and Vinyl Living we’ve been following the trends for the upcoming season and picked some of our favourites that we saw at Decor+Design last month in Melbourne.

Design Influences

Our wider world is changing and has been in a state of change and upheaval ... this will reflect in our interiors trends. We’re going to be seeing a lot of experimental styles and designs, bright and bold colours, innovative materials, adaptable products, and dynamic patterns. We’ll be seeing vintage, handmade and bespoke ahead of the mass-produced pieces of recent times.

It’s about being authentic to you and styling your home in a way that brings happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and harmoniousness. Are you ready for this exciting new trend?!


The trend in colour is toward the colours of nature that instil a sense of calmness and tranquillity - colours that have their own richness and self-assuredness. We’re expecting to see the colours of nature in its gentleness: misty morning hues, stonewashed blues, dusky shades of rose, and pale fruity apricot tints. Mixing beautifully with the fresh crispness of mint, melon, and the warmth of rich cocoa.

These colours are beautiful and it’s certainly a trend that we’ll be embracing!

Our favourite finds

So, what have we found that embodies the sense of wellbeing and happiness that are foremost in the late trends for 2019 and early 2020?

For the budget conscious decorator, Target have a new handcrafted range. We’re particularly loving their new Round Cotton Jute Rug with Tassels and the faux leather Kali Ottoman which are both perfect for most rooms to add a touch of texture and warmth. While the Marble Jewellery Box or Gold Shell Trinket Dish will add a touch of natural glamour to bathroom or bedroom.

Always a favourite is Pottery Barn (and if you sign up to their newsletters, they have fantastic sales!) and this season is no exception! The new Living Edge Wood Hurricanes are stunning – made from hand blown glass and wood, each one is unique in texture, shading, and size. Also new this season is the Basilia Print Cushion Cover: made from lovely soft printed velvet this fabric is also manufactured using eco-friendly methods which do not generate any water, air or noise pollution.

For Aussie made and designed style that is all designed and manufactured in Melbourne you can’t not think of Bonnie and Neil – Aussie designers gone global! Their new range is stunning! We were hard-pressed to choose just one, so we settled on two: the Marguerite Amber Large Vase is hand painted by Bonnie onto glazed terracotta and the Marguerite Amber 60cm Velvet Cushion with a design by Bonnie hand-screened individually onto each cushion - each one definitely a one-of-a-kind pieces!

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