30 July 2021

From toddlers to seniors, everyone loves our new colouring in placemats

Bring dinner-time to life with some whimsical fun!

Vinyl Designs Newsletter July 2021 - Colouring In Placemats

Followers on Instagram will no doubt have spied our new colouring in placemats in our feed and being shared by some of our lovely supporters using our tag – check out the fun unwrapping by @threes.a.tribe and the colouring skills of @ourpeachylife!

As you’ve probably guessed we LOVE these new colouring in placemats! They’ve been one of our most popular new items too which is wonderful.

OK, now we all know that kids love to colour and that adults are rapidly cottoning on to how relaxing it is … and how much fun too! But what many people don’t realise is just how good colouring is for people of all ages. Did you know that colouring has a therapeutic and calming effect as children focus on finishing their creations? The same goes for us grownups – colouring is an outlet that allows the processing of our emotions and takes our focus away from what’s stressing us or causing anxiety.

Seniors living with dementia also reap enormous benefits and positive outcomes from colouring; one of the most beneficial is a decrease in anxiety levels and general agitation. Providing a sense of accomplishment, and providing socialisation and self-expression are just a few of the wonderful ways that colouring helps people living with the disease that robs so much of their ‘self’.

Now that we’ve shared some of the amazing ways that colouring is great for people of every single age from toddlers right through to seniors, let’s look at how fantastic our colouring in placemats are!

We’ve added two designs to our online store (and of course you could buy them in person at our Artisans’ Nest store): Forest and Unicorn. Both have lots of whimsical images to colour scattered from corner to corner of the 40cm x 30cm mats. Colouring pens are included with your placemat so the fun can start right away.

Vinyl Designs Colouring In Placemats - Unicorn or Fores designs

Made from silicone, our colouring in placemats are tough to last for lots and lots of colouring in sessions – simply wipe them clean and start again!

Oh, and of course being a placemat they’re the ideal place setting for the dinner table or even an eat-out meal! Great for keeping everyone occupied before the meal is served. Cleaning up is easy too because the placemats wipe clean with water or gentle cleaning solutions, then the colouring fun can start all over again!

We’re sure you’ll agree a colouring in placemat will make a perfect gift for just about anyone. Being so lightweight postage will also be very inexpensive!

@OurPeachLife Vinyl Designs Colouring In Placemats

Colouring sparks the imagination and ignites creativity – colour and personality are added to otherwise boring, blank paper (or colouring mat!). Isn’t that something we can all do with more of?!

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