11 May 2015

Stylish and practical Teepees for the whole family to enjoy

Teepees for Toddlers


Gainstory was founded in 1973 in Seoul, South Korea, with a strong dedication to traditional values. Gainstory produces high quality handicrafts, perfect to satisfy the needs of parents and children. 

Gainstory have a beautiful collection of children's teepees that are perfectly suited to liven up a childs room, while inviting imagination and play, as they are all completely functional. They are based on a build-to-order system to ensure they design produce every item uniquely for each child. Because of this unique design and attention to detail they pride themselves on, the creators at Gainstory warn that it can take a few weeks at least to make and ship each Teepee, and patience is required (or order far in advance for a special occasion!) As the creators at Gainstory say, as mothers or grandmothers would make a toy for their child with love, so do Gainstory produce and care for their products. Gainstory make each piece with love and are proud to make a precious piece that becomes part of the family.




JoyJoie is based in Sydney, and each teepee is designed and made in Sydney also. The JoyJoie brand was born when the creator watched her two year old daughter's delight in constructing makeshift tents out of dining chairs and sheets. This inspired the design of beautifully stylish teepees with the added bonus of not needing to be deconstructed every time the dining room is needed! The creator of JoyJoie credits her creative ideas to her daughter Ari, who inspires her with concepts, colours, prints and textiles that she enjoys interacting with, and then JoyJoie blends those ideas with adult perspective and style, making it a classic, beautiful and fun addition to any family home. There is a huge range of styles to choose from in the JoyJoie range; fairy tale, minimalist, zebra, game style, paper doll, even family size teepees to name a few.

These two online stores, Gainstory and JoyJoie feature gorgeous additions to any family home. Teepees are a fantastic idea for any child, to harness creativity and imagination, give a child their own special space, or used for playing games with friends, siblings and parents. With themes available to suit any child's taste, blended with chic and sophisticated design to suit any house, they are a perfect piece for the family to enjoy.

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