15 May 2018

Batman Decor for Little Ones

Superheroes wall decals, prints, accessories and more for boys bedrooms!

Batman Wall Decal

Whether you are a home-owner or a home-renter being able to give your kids a space of their own is a priority for most parents.
Decorating a bedroom is a great way to create that individual space! And as a bonus when you give our kids a space to call their own they are often “keen as” to use that space (especially awesome at bedtime!).

Which little boy doesn’t dream of being a superhero? Which little boy wouldn’t love a Batman themed bedroom?
Starting with a neutral monochrome base for your room – too much colour and your theme will get lost! The colour and WOW will come when you add the decorating details.

We’ve put together a few ideas to help you create a special space for your little superhero … and all of these products are non-marking so if you’re renting that’s a definite plus!
Our Batman Mask wall decals are the perfect backdrop to your little hero’s room! Each decal measures 10cm x 9.6cm which is a great size to make a statement and be seen. All of our decals are easy-peasy to apply and when you’re ready to remove them they won’t mark or damage your paintwork. They can even be attached to mirrors, windows, or large glass frames. Just $25 for a set of 12 decals!

Batman Decor

You will need to attach this one to the wall so it may not work for everyone, but isn’t it great?!? The Batman Shelf at $199 from Pottery Barn Kids Australia is sure to be a hit with your little boy and it would look amazing with our Batman Mask decals on the wall around it! It’s a decent size for displaying toys and other small items – 91cm wide x 20cm deep x 48cm high.

A peacefully sleeping superhero is what we mums all dream of … your little superhero can fly away to the land of slumber in the cute pjs complete with cape from Target. Just $15 and available in-store or online now.

Melbourne-based illustrator Kylie Loy has a range of pillowcases, wall art, and library bags that would finish off your little superhero’s bedroom in style – including this personalised Batman inspired pillowcase at just $29 we think this pillowcase is a perfect coordinate to our Batman Mask wall decals!

To finish off your decorating how about a set of these personalised Superhero Prints from Little One Interiors Etsy store! See how easy it is to create a fun and individual superhero theme for your boys? Just a few items over a neutral base and a very simple wall decal (our Batman Masks) and there you go!

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