Classic Coat Hanger Wall Decal

$ 88.00
Let our vintage style coat hanger decal add a bit of funk and style to your walls!
Additional Hooks
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This wall decal is not just decorative but functional as well: included is a black wall hook that you can place on the sticker to hang real clothes and accessories!

This pack contains:

1 coat hanger 180x55cm
Accessories as seen in the image
1 black hook with mounting screws included
“how to apply” instructions

You can buy additional hooks if required.

Wall hook installation instructions:

- for hollow/plasterboard walls: ideally locate a timber stud and fasten hook with screws provided with a drill or screwdriver. When not fastened to a stud or masonry wall, use light loads only.
- for solid/masonry walls: drill holes and insert a wall plug (not included, easy to find in any hardware store) and fasten hook to wall with screws provided.

Please read our FAQ section for more information about our wall stickers.