27 August 2013

Vintage Marquee Letters made in Nashville

Vintage Industrial style Decor


If you’re into vintage industrial style décor this Etsy shop is for you!

We were looking at something different to decorate our apartment and came across WestVintageeTradingCo, an Etsy shop based in Nashville.

There is something special and appealing about 1920s circus aesthetics; these vintage marquee letters are so eye catching and you will instantly want to acquire a set, especially if you own any kind of establishment like a shop or a café but they’re also very cool sitting on a sideboard or on the wall of an apartment.


Michael West is the owner of this shop and he’s in this trade for the love of it. After doing architectural engineering at college, he did business administration and then went on to join the Air Force. It was his passion for Vintage Marquee Letters that led him to start his own shop. He makes letters and repurposes other objects into light fixtures and furniture that are one of a kind.


Each letter is made by hand with US steel, the finishes are aged copper, painted any colour, copper with patina, natural steel showing weld marks or shiny finish.

You can have the look you want with all the options on offer.

He also uses high quality lighting fixtures


You have to allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Check Michael’s Etsy shop here.

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