13 August 2013

Unto This Last: bespoke furniture from London

Designer furniture at mass production prices!


Unto This Last is the title of a book written in 1860 by John Ruskin. He advocated a return to the local craftsman workshops, having a few doubts about the human cost of the Industrial Revolution.

Unto This Last’ is a shop with a purpose. It offers you exquisitely crafted furniture at affordable, wholesale prices. So instead of visiting a warehouse, you can now visit this shop which is located near the city centre and order your choice of furniture there.

The products of this shop reflect consistency. They use a highly automated method of designing and creating furniture. They use a special birch ply composite, which is optimised for design by using software and digital tools. They use the same material for creating all their products. In order to eliminate the cost involved in packaging, they only deliver to locations in London.


They offer a huge stock of designer furniture, and added to this is an ever-expanding catalogue that currently boasts over 2,000 products to choose from.

Be it seating, tables, cabinets, beds or any other type of furniture, you’ll only find contemporary design products that speak of quality and elegance. Every piece is made from scratch and can be designed according to your taste and needs.

We love (and we wish they would ship to Australia...) their range of tables

with a retro style feel but made modern by the painted borders and the cute plywood toys for kids or just to use as home decor.

In our last trip to London we bumped into this great shop on Brick Lane and we were so impressed with the quality and the affordable prices.

Their only defect is...they are in London and not in Australia :)


Unto This Last

230 Brick Lane, London E2 7EB
0207 613 0882

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