22 April 2014

Soy Candles to Ignite Your Scent-ses

Soy candles

After the chocolate overload of Easter, we at Vinyl design are looking to something a little less sugary to satisfy our sweet cravings this week. Abandoning our tastebuds and turning to sense of smell, we are lusting after soy candles. Here are some of our favourites.

Lemon Canary candles are made with one simple desire in mind: to make something that creator Jasmin could not find. "A beautiful essential oil candle with pesticide free wax that could deepen her meditation". Jasmin was inspired to create her brand Lemon Canary as a young child, when she would mix and create her own skin care products due to eczema restricting her to use many mainstream products. Therefore, after years of study in beauty therapy, aromatherapy and yoga, she has created these organic candles, oils, soaps, melts, and much more that are all available online and for flat rate shipping of $9.95 Australia wide.

Twig Soy Candles

Twig Candles are based in South Sydney, and have both standing, and 'make to order' products. This means that you can select and create your very own personalised candle, by selecting on your own fragrance, jar type, and use your own decorative flair to create a gift for someone or use as a promotional product or for your function. Twig pride themselves on being environmentally friendly and have a refill service where you can have your favourite jar refilled with a gorgeous smelling Twig candle! Not only is Twig great for the environment and for the nose, but their candle jars have a great rustic appeal to them that we love.

Torch soy candles

Torch Candles started in 2011 in Victoria, Australia. Torch Candles began as a small home-based business, selling at marketplaces and to friends and family. Since then they have expanded and collaborated with Morgan Connoley to create their edgy 'Colour & Skulls' Collection. Torch Candles use 100% natural soy wax which is biodegradable and has 50+ hours of burning time.

Soy candles are great for the environment, and with scents and packaging as beautiful as these ones shown above, they are a great touch to any home or workspace.

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