21 January 2013

Smart Australian Design: Bower & Beyond

Rocking Eggs and Animals!


If asked, most parents would tell you that the happiest day of their lives was when their kids were born. Suddenly a couple becomes a family and both are left to raise a precious bundle of joy whose future is virtually limitless. Almost without exception, parents want the best for their children. And that begins with the nursery.

Soon after they find out they’re pregnant, most couples select a room and start decorating it. They assemble and arrange baby furniture and baby toys and make certain that everything is functional and safe. Some items meet these requirements better than others.

The baby bouncer or rocker has long been seen as an essential nursery item. It helps soothe restless babies with a calming motion that can send them off to dreamland in short order. The only problem is that most rockers are either functional and expensive or inadequate and cheap. There seems to be no in between.

Bower & Beyond was founded on the simple idea that products for babies could be stylish, functional, and sustainable. Many of the items they sell incorporate sustainable materials that are either natural or recyclable. They also employ sustainable processes to manufacture the products in their catalogue whenever possible.  
One of the products they are most proud of is rokii®, an egg-shaped baby bouncer that can safely accommodate babies and infants alike. A highly responsive bouncer, rokii® will continue to move as the baby does until he stops moving, i.e., falls asleep. If your child is not particularly active, it may be necessary to manually move the device with a slight push or tap.

Red-Animal-BowerBeyondWhat are the benefits?

In addition to helping them get to bed, rokii® has proven particularly useful for babies who are just starting to eat solids, since the rocker helps position the baby’s head above his navel, which aids digestion. According to Australian designers, the product is more supportive than high chairs and is also a godsend for parents that travel a lot. From its stationary position, rokii® folds down to just 30cm high, making it a cinch to store.

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  • Sophie Gilder

    22 January 2013 at 00:23 |
    Thanks, vinyl design! We're proud of our rokii, and especially like the fact it can be used from newborn right through to preschool, since the rocking egg chair works alone or together with the rocking & rolling ride-on animal. It multitasks like a mother.


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