25 January 2013

Save the Planet with Reusable Lunch Bags!

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Hundreds of millions of families across the globe share the same morning routine. They get up, get washed, get dressed, eat breakfast, and pack the kids’ lunches before they drop them off at school. Others skip a step or two to save time and money. School buses and lunches are a godsend for parents who don’t have time for the traditional routine.  They may also, unknowingly, be helping out the environment.

School buses produce significantly less pollution than the dozen of cars it would take to transport each of its passengers to school. And school lunches are arguably more eco friendly than homemade meals because they do not require plastic bags. Most parents are unaware of this. They believe they’re making the healthy choice for their families. But most of the bags that are used for snacks and sandwiches end up in landfills.

What’s the problem?
Because of its molecular stability, plastic is not considered to be biodegradable. It may take up to 500 years to degrade, according to most estimates. This might not be much of an issue if we weren’t using so many of them. We’re talking billions of plastic lunch bags each day!  

What’s the solution?

There is absolutely no reason why a loving parent should feel guilty about packing healthy lunches for her children.  But she can also help out the environment by switching from plastic bags to reusable green bags.

What are they?
Often made of lightweight cotton or other food-safe fabrics, a reusable lunch bag can replace hundreds of plastic paper bags.  Most parents use them for an entire school year before they order new ones. So, not only are they better for the environment than plastic bags, they are also much cheaper in the long run.

Where to find them?
We came across these lovely pattern from Lunch Skins (image 1 and 2 on top), very colorful and fresh.
Etsy seller LYKDesign has a vast variety of 100% cotton fabrics with a retro vibe to them.

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