10 December 2012

Living in a Shoebox

Small apartment Decorating Ideas

Small-Apartment Decorating ideas

Apartments used to be temporary living spaces for most folks. But with the world economy in a funk, most apartment dwellers cannot afford to buy homes. The question then becomes how do you turn a small apartment into a cozy home? In this brief article we will discuss five simple and affordable decorating tips for the average apartment dweller.

1. Whenever possible, save space!

One thing most homeowners hated about apartment living was the tiny kitchens. Still, most feel the need to decorate these incommodious areas with unnecessary furniture. In our humble opinion, this is a mistake. The kitchen is a busy room, especially when it’s small, and adding tables and chairs that barely fit not only wastes space it also looks awkward. Instead, purchase a nice set of foldable chairs and set them up when you have company.

2. Go dark

There is a common misconception that darker colors make small rooms feel even smaller. But many decorators believe that darker colors actually make a space feel warmer and more intimate. The truth is that no color will make a tiny room appear enormous, since it’s a question of scale, not color. So, if you want your apartment to feel like a home, use colors that make you feel comfortable.

3. Go Vertical

When you don’t have enough square meters use your walls! Without too much of a damage to your bank account you can get simple but practical vertical storage from Ikea or built in shelves that you can fill with your books or boxes. Mix books and boxes with vases, candles and figurines for a funky look.

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4. One room, two functions

The easiest way to crowd a small space is to decorate it as if it were a much larger one. But when you live in a tiny apartment, there is simply not enough room for a table and chair set in the kitchen and in the living room. Rather, create a single eating area that is cozy and comfortable. Another helpful tip is to purchase a round table instead of a rectangular one, since it saves a lot of room without looking odd when there is only one or two chairs around it.

5. Use baskets in the bathroom

Just as with kitchens, small apartments almost always have tiny bathrooms. Small sinks and toilets inevitably create a storage problem. Because nobody wants to see your toiletries out in the open when they come for a visit, store them in baskets or in bathroom organizers when not in use. Cute cloth-lined wicker baskets can be found at most home improvement centres.

small apartment decorating ideas

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