18 June 2013

Horizon Hotel, Palm Springs

Living the Modernist Dream


During our trip to California we spent 2 nights in Palm Springs, a mecca for modernist architecture and retro design.

Palm Springs is a surreal place, it’s hot desert surrounded by rugged mountains, cactus plants, palms and blue sky.

It can be the most amazing place if you’re into design, architecture and relaxing pool side or the worst place ever if you don’t care about those things because there isn’t much else to do apart from architecture tours and drinking and lounging pool side.

We stayed at the Horizon Hotel, a small boutique hotel of only 24 rooms and adult only.


The Horizon Hotel is one of the few remaining architecturally intact Mid-Century Modern hotels in Palm Springs. The hotel features glorious views of the San Jacinto Mountains and spacious outdoor areas with pool and spa bath. The hotel was originally designed in 1952 by renowned architect William F. Cody as a private family retreat for the television producer, media mogul, oil tycoon and legendary hotel owner Jack Wrather and his wife, Hollywood actress Bonita “Bunny” Granville, as a retreat for their family and Hollywood friends.


In 2004 the hotel was restored preserving its modernist character and adding new amenities like the Jacuzzi and a pool bar.

All rooms have glass walls and sliding doors and a patio—merging indoor living with the outdoor ambiance.

The rooms interior have a retro vibe to it with a geometrical pattern carpet and retro style furniture.

The Horizon is the perfect mix of great design, glamour and relax!


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