16 November 2012

Green Ideas for your Home

Design & Sustainability


As people look for new ways to cut energy costs and conserve vital natural resources, a slew of new products have come on the scene in recent days. Often advertised as eco friendly or just plain “green,” these devices help us make the world a better, safer, cleaner place for future generations. These are some ideas we fell in love with, the perfect mix of good innovative design and sustainability.

The Sky Planter

It might seem like an odd idea, but most new ideas do. Hanging a plant upside-down from the ceiling takes advantage of unused space, instead of cluttering up your floor. With the help of the Sky Planter from Boskke, plant lovers can bring their outside garden indoors. In addition to saving space, upside-down planters also help conserve water, since regular potted plants lose a significant amount of H2O through evaporation and drainage. By comparison, the Sky Planter has a unique reservoir system that gradually releases water to the plant’s roots when needed.

Why bring greenery indoors? There are several reasons. First, they emit oxygen and absorb unhealthy chemicals, thereby purifying the air. Studies have shown that people who are around plants on a regular basis have improved levels of concentration, self-confidence, well-being, and are even able to sleep better at night. Those are just a few of the reasons why all office workers should go green.


Small space vegetable garden

There are lots of things to love about the city, but big backyards are not one of them. Many people who move from suburban to urban environments miss being about to grow their own fruits and vegetables. But a home garden is absolutely out of the question when your outdoor space is a narrow alleyway. Well, it turns out there is a way to grow your own greens, even if you have no access to fresh earth.

Produce grows just fine in wine boxes or other wooden crates. Okay, so you probably won’t be able to plant an entire garden in boxes, unless you have the space. But even inexperienced 

gardeners should be able to plant and pick fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and herbs with ease. All you need is some soil, the crates, some seeds, and a little patience.


With obesity rates on the rise nearly everywhere, people are getting back to basics. Instead of settling for fatty, greasy, salty fast foods, they are demanding healthier, fresher options. Some folks even promote sustainability by growing their own fruits and vegetables. BACSAC® is a new product that acts as a portable plant container. This lightweight bag can be used to transport plants without harming them or causing a mess. You can literally take your garden with you wherever you go!

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