26 November 2013

Eclectic Lamps To Lighten Up Your Space By Zoe Darlington

Shabby Chic Lamps from the old world

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Do you want to lighten up your traditional home décor and experience eclectic vibes in your home? Everybody wants to brighten up his or her home décor but the issue that they mainly face is they can’t bear to do away with their existing traditional wooden furniture. People do not want cheap furniture or home accessories because quality is paramount to them. Some love their traditional décor and they don’t want to start over. So, the problem arises about how to incorporate traditional furniture with something lighter to enliven the home.

Colour, style, and materials are some of the most important things to choose in order to give your home a facelift.

Zoe Darlington Lamps

Perhaps eclectic lamps by Zoë Darlington will bring about the much needed change in your home décor. Zoë designs lamps using colour and prints that mean they will look as if they are custom made for your living space. All of them will last a lifetime. Zoë has a background in Fine Art, which, coupled with her experience in the fashion world, has fired her passion to create eclectic lamps that are modern, yet have a traditional twist. All lamps are handmade in Britain.

This combination of a traditional approach paired with modern practices produces patterns and designs that are typically British. They are beautiful, yet they are eclectic!

If you want something that matches your home décor and you are particularly choosy about such things, then you will be happy to know that Zoë carries out bespoke commissions for clients. She can bring her ideas to life with or without input from her clients.

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