28 April 2013

Decorating with Paper Flowers

Paper Pom Pom, Bouquets and Shabby-Chic Flowers!


Available at any arts and crafts store, tissue and crepe paper are cheap and relatively easy to work with. Normally used as gift wrap or in party streamers, the materials can also be used to make decorative paper flowers that range from basic to incredibly intricate....

If you're not a very crafty person have a look at these amazing shops on Etsy!

We fell in love with these paper pom pom and flowers from 4 different shops, they make you want to have a party just to decorate your house with these creations!

We thought a brilliant idea the wedding bouquet made of paper: these wedding bouquets can be customized to your specifications with your favorite songs.


Top Image:

Large Paper Flower from NodakMama

Bottom Image, clockwise:

- Bridal Paper Flowers from DanasPaperFlowers

- Tissue Paper Pom Pom from Prosttothehos

- Upcycled Paper Flowers from Ilovethis

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