05 February 2013

Bunny-themed Finds: The Story Book Rabbit

Illustrated Porcelains, Pendants and Brooches


You might already know of my slight obsession with bunnies and all things bunnies….

Since I came home with Emilio the Bunny one year ago I’ve decided that bunnies are the best pets ever, he always brings a smile to my face and I cannot resist his cuteness and fluffiness.

I get quite excited every time I find cute bunny inspired objects on internet and I now have a nice Bunny Board on Pinterest J


I recently came across The Story Book Rabbit, a lovely Etsy shop started by Sydney based illustrator Kelly. I love the story behind The Story Book Rabbit, Kelly’s business started when she brought home a little black bunny named Juno and she started drawings bunnies...lots of bunnies. Later on she got a French bulldog and he’s now also one of her characters.

At the Story Book Rabbit you can find one of a kind items like lovely porcelain pendants, illustrated vintage cups and plates, brooches and even Iphone cases.

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