06 May 2014

Autumn All Around.

DIY Seasonal Décor

Autumn DIY ideas


As the days are getting cooler, it is clear that autumn is well and truly in the air. We at Vinyl Design love DIY decoration and décor, so we have found some beautiful ideas of pieces that you can make yourself, to celebrate the crisp air of autumn with pieces painted with hues of orange and brown to warm your home.


There are a collection of wall pieces we have found and loved; mobile-esque hanging foliage and seasonal door wreaths to create an organic look of falling orange Autumn leaves and crackled brown branches. Instructions of how to create these gorgeous decorations are on the websites of the ones we have found; Belle Maison, Cut Out & Keep, and Madame Citron.




Pressed Leaves

Another thing we have fallen in love with is pressed leaves on display in ornate frames. Pick a selection of lovely leaves from your front yard or nearby park, press-dry them, and place them in a frame of your choice for a unique twist on your regular décor, perfectly themed for Autumn, yet versatile enough to last throughout all seasons! Find out how to make yours in detail at Wit and Whistle.

With such gorgeous warm colours naturally found in the season of Autumn, there is no reason not to take advantage of nature's beauty to enhance your home with beautiful bright leaves and unique DIY décor!

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