06 July 2018

What’s your family’s special quote?

Using wall decals to customise your family’s space


Does your family have a special saying, or is there a special quote that you love? Maybe you’ve always wanted to dress up a wall in your home but don’t know quite where to start?

Our custom quote decals in-situ

We love doing custom work and when we think about all the custom quotes we’ve created over the years for our lovely customers there are two that really stand out … both of them looked amazing and the love for them keeps coming and coming!

How beautiful is this girl's room created by Justine Brown of Chocolate Brown Interior Styling! It’s the perfect bedroom decal to inspire both little people and big people who are thinkers, doers, and dreamers. Justine chose to have this decal created in our silver colourway … what would your colour choice be for your room? Ps. We love the wooden swing Justine used in this room too!

Our super happy customer Jessica had a wall that needed some dressing and what a beautiful way she chose to dress it! This family and friends daily reminder of living a happy and caring life has really taken on its own place in Jessica’s home and looks amazing!

Can you imagine something like these on your walls … remember our decals come in 25 different colours and are removable so even if you’re renting or don’t want to mark your walls you can decorate your home with a special quote too!

Using custom quotes in your home

Let’s start where we always love to start … with your walls! Wall decals are the simplest way to create a beautiful and inspiring creative touch for your family home – and as a bonus they won’t mark your walls so everyone’s home can wear a Vinyl Designs wall decal!

First up take a look at the space that you want to add your personal touch to … is it your entryway, your family room, a bathroom, the guest bedroom, or maybe the outdoor (undercover) entertaining area?

We are going to look at two spaces today and discuss how you might give them the personal touch: the entryway and the bathroom.


The entryway is the first place you see when you arrive home, and also the first impression your visitors receive of your home so it pays to have it looking welcoming and inviting.

How about adding your family’s “monogram” to your wall? Our Monogram Decal is ideal! It would be a perfect statement on its own using small ornaments and some lovely flowers or a plant to give it added oomph.

Another option is to have your very own quote decal created … we do have a range of quotes already created and ready to go; but … you can also have your own designed and made up just for you!


The bathroom is not just a place to wash and do your business; it’s also the place where we spend our time dreaming and thinking about the day ahead, and the day past!

Bathrooms deserve to be dressed up too and sometimes all it takes is a simple wall decal (Vinyl Designs wall decals are water and steam resistant of course!) and some brightly coloured towels to make all the difference.

From our quote range you might like our “Never stop wondering…” wall decal … give your creative thoughts and dreams permission to linger a little longer ;-)

If you’d rather something “bathroom” specific, how about …

  • “Wash away your troubles with some bubbles” (unknown)

  • “I don’t sing in the shower, I perform.” (unknown)

  • “Happiness is a long, hot bubble bath” (unknown)

  • “Bathroom Rules” – you can add your own rules and have a custom wall decal created just for your family!

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