17 October 2018

A French Bulldog stole my heart!

Decorate your home and yourself with an adorable ‘frenchie’!


Bondi Vet says that the French Bulldog is often described as a “clown in the cloak of a philosopher” because of their mischievous attitude hidden behind their sometimes stern face. We reckon that pretty much sums them up!

With great personalities and loving natures they make wonderful family pets … so it’s really no wonder that we also love to decorate with their likeness!

Here at Vinyl Design and Vinyl Living we simply can’t resist creating products with the (not so humble) Frenchie:

  • With our French Bulldog wall decal you’ll feel your heart strings tugging madly as she watches you with ‘those puppy dog eyes’ … and you can have our adorable Frenchie on your wall in any one of our range of 25 colours. The almost perfect solution if you’re not allowed to have a dog ;-) The same adorable Frenchie can go everywhere with you (well, wherever your laptop goes) coz we also make her as a laptop decal!
  • Our hand printed canvas range features the most handsome and noble French Bulldog on either our canvas tote bags, or our canvas cushions. Love this guy in his dashing bright red bowtie!


We’ve spent some time searching through the huge selection online of homewares featuring our little fave … the French Bulldog, and have gathered a few pieces that we’re sure you’ll love as much as we do:

We are LOVING the ceramic French Bulldog in his very smart navy striped vest from Bed Bath n’ Table. There is limited stock … but if you’re quick you could be taking one home with you!

We discovered a whole website dedicated to gifts, homewares, and other bits and pieces that are all things French Bulldog. We’re especially crushing on the range of greeting cards … couldn’t choose just one so maybe one for every occasion!

Add a touch of whimsy to your bookshelf (or even just the shelf in general) with these so, so, so cute Classic French Bulldog Black Bookends by Zuny and available through UNTIL. We suspect they were designed with children’s décor in mind … but hey, we wouldn’t let them make it that far ;-)

Now, this wallpaper by Moons and Flowers will have your decorating senses tingling like there’s no tomorrow! Oh my golly gosh, this is gorgeous!

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