We suggest you to think about the composition you want to obtain before starting the application. Some items will be supplied precut, when they’re not you might need a cutter to trim around the different
pieces of design you’re going to apply. Draw marks on wall if required.
Clean surface of dust or dirt.

Decals are made of 3 layers:
-transfer paper on top, it looks like masking tape
-vinyl decal itself in the middle
-backing paper, it’s white with the vinyl brand displayed

Position sticker on surface with masking tape.
Lift sheet and carefully begin to peel the backing paper. Make sure the vinyl is still stuck to the transfer paper. If the graphic is stuck to the backing paper smooth the paper back into the transfer film until it sticks then re-try.
Carefully peel off the backing paper, making sure all the graphic is on the transfer
paper on top. If the vinyl is stuck to the backing paper, smooth the paper back into the transfer paper until it sticks, then re-try.
Stick your decal on the wall; take a credit card or some other kind of thin hard plastic (like a cd case) and smooth out the surface so that the vinyl layer will completely adhere to the wall.
Carefully remove the transfer paper: start at one corner and peel away slowly and close to the surface, making sure none of the vinyl pulls up with the transfer paper.

Please note:
Our decals are not re-positionable, they can easily be removed but they are not re-usable.
The ideal wall surface is a dry, smooth wall. Vinylwalldesign decals might not adhere properly if the wall is rendered, bumpy, wet or dirty.
If your walls are freshly painted, we suggest you to wait for 2/3 weeks.

Download the full instructions for small decals and large decals